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Financial Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Construction Home

[fa icon="calendar'] February 24, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

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When you’re building a new home, you want to end up with the home of your dreams and no financial regrets. At Experts In Your Home we believe this is possible if you plan it right. You don’t want to end up with half of the home you wanted, and you also don’t want to end up with your dream home and a large strain on the budget.

How can you avoid financial mistakes? Through educating yourself ahead of time so you aren’t surprised down the road or too overwhelmed by the many decisions to be made.

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7 Tips for Success Before Starting Your Home Remodel

[fa icon="calendar'] February 15, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Remodeling

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Remodeling your home can be an exciting time, where you get to be creative and begin the process of creating the home of your dreams. Some remodeling projects are large scale and some are small, but all will involve many details and decisions that need to be made.

At Experts in Your Home, we want your home remodeling process to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. We’ve put together 7 things to think about before starting your home remodeling project. These are simple things that can help you be more prepared and end up with the finished project that you want.

Before you start your home remodeling process, check out these 7 tips for success:

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Finance Options for Your Next Construction or Remodeling Project

[fa icon="calendar'] February 11, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Construction, Remodeling, Financing

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Do you need financing for your upcoming construction or remodeling project?

Here at Experts in Your Home, we understand that using cash on hand is not always possible, so we've partnered with Hearth to make it easy for you to finance your project.

Here are some of the details on financing with Hearth for your upcoming construction and remodeling project.

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Home Remodeling: When You Need a Permit & When You Don't

[fa icon="calendar'] February 05, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Home Remodeling

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Some homeowners who undertake their first home remodeling project register the news better than others: Before work can begin, Experts in Your Home must secure a building permit on their behalf.

After months of planning, these homeowners are understandably eager for work to begin and view the permit process as an unnecessary delay – and sometimes even a form of governmental intrusion.

We have capably navigated the permit process hundreds of times in many different communities. So let us explain why a building permit is necessary, as well as when you might need one and when you might not. Once you're informed and know what to expect, you're bound to face your home remodeling project with greater confidence.

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Sneak Peek: Clubhouse at 1661 Forest Avenue Remodeled & Ready for 2021

[fa icon="calendar'] January 25, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Construction, Remodeling

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Amidst the challenges that we all faced in 2020, there were a few opportunities that presented themselves that we are grateful for. One is that we were invited to completely remodel the clubhouse at 1661 Forest Avenue, a Chico apartment complex.

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The Top 5 Home Renovation Ideas for 2021

[fa icon="calendar'] January 20, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Home Remodeling, Construction

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With all of the changes that have happened in the last year, there has never been more focus on the home environment. With routines changed and our living spaces altered, many have either been in the process of a home renovation or have given it serious consideration.

Home renovations don’t always have to be an expensive endeavor. However, if you have the budget the sky is the limit (almost) for what you can spend. Whether you have a large or small budget, here are some ideas of home renovation projects to tackle in 2021:

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When and How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

[fa icon="calendar'] January 08, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Home Maintenance

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At Experts In You Home, we’re big on home maintenance. Our passion is to help you keep your home well maintained – whether you hire us for the job or just learn from us. One area of home maintenance that no homeowner wants to neglect is gutter cleaning.

It can be easy to ignore clogged gutters…out of sight out of mind right? However, when gutters get clogged with dirt, roofing particles, sticks and leaves, it can cause major problems for your home. Make sure to prioritize gutter cleaning in your home this year.

First, let’s get specific about the damage that clogged gutters can cause:

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Should You Hire a Chico Electrician to Install Outdoor Security Lighting?

[fa icon="calendar'] December 29, 2020 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Electrical

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Whether you live on a large property in the country or a smaller lot in town, security for your home is important. Theft is an increasing concern to many, so it makes sense to take efforts to keep your property safe. One of the things you can do to increase security and peace of mind is to have outdoor security lighting installed on your property.

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Home Safety Tips for Holiday Cooking

[fa icon="calendar'] December 17, 2020 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Safety

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Everything in the kitchen seems to multiply over the holidays: the number of meals and desserts we prepare, the number of kitchen tools that get pressed into action and the number of people who hover close by.

Unfortunately, the number of accidents multiply, too, making the holidays the riskiest time of the year to be in the kitchen. Fires peak around the holidays, followed by injuries caused by knives, cookware, food processors, microwaves and blenders.

Unless you decide to order take-out, you probably won't be able to make your kitchen a completely “risk-free zone.” But you can greatly reduce the risks by following safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Consumer Reports, brought to you by the people who have a vested interest in your safety year-round: Experts in Your Home.

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What are the Best Allergy-Friendly New Flooring Choices for Your Home?

[fa icon="calendar'] December 12, 2020 / by Home Services Expert

posted in Home Remodeling, Flooring

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For the many Americans who suffer from allergies, finding remedies and relief is an important priority. When installing new flooring, it’s common to think about style and texture and durability. However, many people may not be aware that the flooring in their homes can be something that impacts their allergies.

If you are installing new flooring due to allergy issues, take some time to learn about which types of flooring are best to reduce allergens in your home. To help get you started, we’ve listed some of the options below.

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