Do I Have to Hire a Contractor for a Backyard Remodeling Project?

[fa icon="calendar"] August 22, 2022 / by Home Services Expert

woman marking board for backyard fence project

Determining whether to hire a contractor for your proposed backyard remodeling project depends on several different factors. They include the scope of your project, the time you can commit to doing the work needed for the project, your skill level at completing the necessary tasks, and any state, county, or municipal requirements regarding contractor regulations in your area. 

What Will Your Project Entail?

If you are planning a project to keep you busy over a series of autumn weekends like planting a hedgerow, laying pavers for a walkway, or fencing in your backyard to enclose a garden or protect your children or pets, hiring a contractor may not be necessary. 

However, if you live in an HOA community with strict rules over the duration of an outdoor project and the subsequent disruption for your neighbors, you might want to hire a contractor to avoid dealing with a litany of complaints and the costs of incurring violations. 

Scope Creep Could Make Hiring a Contractor Inevitable

One funny thing about home improvement projects is that homeowners tend to love the results of their efforts so much that it encourages them to expand the scope of their original projects far beyond their initial plans. 

Here's where it could get dicey if you try to save yourself money by not hiring a contractor to complete the more complex aspects of your backyard remodel.

As your project expands, you could discover that you'll need some heavy earth-moving equipment to level your yard or excavate space to install a pool in your backyard.

Your results will typically be better if you start off with professionals than if you have to hire someone in the midst of your outdoor renovation project to undo your DIY mistakes. 

Keeping Costs Low and ROI High

One of the secrets of a successful backyard remodeling project is managing to keep costs at a minimum while making the most of your return on investment (ROI).

Contractors can usually get better prices on materials than most consumers ever could on a DIY project. Contractors also know how to properly scale new features and outdoor modifications so they enhance, but not overwhelm, your dwelling. 

Even if you love to spend most of your time in the great outdoors and want to install a deck with all the amenities, it could wind up being too disproportionately large for the size of your home.

Since conventional architectural wisdom dictates that a deck should not be bigger than the largest interior room of the residence it abuts, building an oversized deck could unintentionally decrease the value of your property. Nobody wants that!

There Should Always Be a Master Plan

Even if you can't afford to create all elements of your outdoor remodel all at once, you still should have a master plan in place for all proposed improvements.

If your plan includes installing a pool, have you thoroughly mapped out its dimensions in relation to your property? You should consider its sun exposure and address any privacy concerns regarding the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by when you and your friends and family frolic in the water.

When designing and installing a pool (or even an outdoor spa), if you don't already have one, you will need to add a security fence to comply with the terms of your homeowner's insurance policy regarding attractive nuisances. Deciding to hire a contractor eliminates much of the worry involved with major renovations and repurposing outdoor space.

Remodel in Planned Phases

Contractors working with master plans can save you money both now and in the future. These remodeling professionals understand the logistics of both small and large outdoor remodeling projects. They won't complete sections out of sequence and have to redo their efforts and cost you more money.

When you hire a contractor, you also have legal recourse under the terms of your work contract should something go awry during the project.

At the end of the day, your home is your castle. With the right approach to your outdoor remodel, you can live like a king!

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