Can You Remodel Your House Without Using a General Contractor?

[fa icon="calendar"] July 25, 2022 / by Home Services Expert

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If you're planning on doing some home remodeling or just have a few home projects you want to tackle, do you really need to hire a general contractor for the job?

There certainly are some DIY projects that homeowners who know their way around a toolbox can tackle. Repainting a guest room or hanging some basic shelves might be well within your wheelhouse. But if you have your eye on a bigger prize with a full-scale remodel, your best results will come from hiring home remodeling professionals.

Is DIY Home Remodeling in Chico Legal Without a General Contractor?

California has some very strict building laws and contractor regulations, making it easy to run afoul of the law without even realizing it. The good news is that if you own the property that you are personally remodeling, it's not a legal requirement to hire a general contractor. 

But even then, there are caveats that can put you on shaky legal ground if you don't follow those rules and regulations . The fines alone that you could accrue from violations associated with your  DIY project could far eclipse the costs of hiring reputable general contractors in Chico, CA.

Why Hiring a General Contractor Makes Good Business Sense

If you have an aching tooth, you don't try to extract it yourself, do you? You visit the dentist and allow their skills and expertise to fix the problem. The same principle applies with home remodeling.

The whole point is to get it right. You want to improve your home to enhance your comfort, increase its value, and maybe even make it a showpiece in your neighborhood. Unless you are in the construction and home remodeling business, your remodeling skills might not be quite up to par with this major task. 

Do You Have the Time and Energy to Tackle a DIY Home Remodel?

You may think that home remodeling is something you can do after work and on the weekends. Consider how your time may already be stretched pretty thin. The reality is that most home remodeling projects take more time and effort than most DIY-ers have to devote to them.

Those DIY television programs and YouTube videos make home improvement projects look so simple. But there's a reason why they show the actions of the DIY-ers at high-speed. Not only is home remodeling tedious work, these projects can be incredibly time-consuming. When you factor in your 40-hour or more work week, the commute to and from your job, and your commitments to your spouse and children, you'll see the window of your DIY time closing on you.

Also, after a week's work and shuttling the kids to and from their weekend ballgames, swim meets, and play dates, just how much energy do you have left to assemble scaffolding, ascend ladders, haul heavy materials and tools up and down flights of stairs? Even if you start out like a house afire, will that same drive carry you through to the project's end? It's dubious at best.

Your Enthusiasm May Not Match Your Skill Level

You might argue that you put yourself through school as a form or trim carpenter. That's commendable for sure. But school was . . . a number of years ago. Even then, your work was supervised by a foreman and a sub- or general contractor. If they saw you making miscalculations affecting a weight-bearing wall or the dimensions of a door or cabinetry, they stepped in to correct these errors and avert disaster.

Now, you're on your own with all the liabilities that entails. That's not even taking into consideration the strain on a relationship home renovation often brings. If the general contractor makes a miscalculation that leaves your kitchen in shambles for months, there are legal remedies to address that. But if your own pride and hubris landed you in the doghouse, you could find yourself bedding down on the couch with Fido for a long time.

Don't Get Discouraged -- Get Smart

There's wisdom in knowing and accepting your limitations. Experts In Your Home, a division of The Hignell Companies, has been in the new-build construction and home remodeling business since 1948. Since then, their stellar reputation as industry leaders remains unmatched.

When you need a general contractor for your construction or home remodeling project, contact Experts In Your Home for all the services you need from licensed and bonded construction and remodeling professionals.

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