Is a Home Inspector Worth It on a New Construction Home?

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One of the benefits of buying a new construction home is that the home is new. Theoretically, this means that everything in the home should be perfect and functional, and you should not have to worry about making any repairs to the home. As such, you may think that you do not need to hire a home inspector for a new construction home. Unfortunately, though, homes are built by people, and people make mistakes. This may leave you wondering if hiring a home inspector is worth it for a new construction home. 

Should You Use a Home Inspector For a New Construction Home? 

Yes. It is strongly recommended that you hire a home inspector when you are purchasing any home, including a new construction home. Homes are built by people, and people make mistakes. Even though building inspectors inspect and sign off on certain elements of new construction homes, they do not complete an inspection on the entire home, and there are issues that even they may miss. While it may be an added expense, hiring a home inspector to walk through and inspect your new construction home before you take possession of and move into the home is a very smart idea. 

What is the Importance of Getting a Home Inspection on New Construction Homes? 

It is important to get a home inspection on a new construction home to ensure the home is properly built and ready to be lived in.

When you are purchasing a home that someone else has lived in, someone else has had the time to go through the home and ensure there are no leaks in the roof, no leaks around the doorframes and window frames, ensure water drains away from the home, and ensure that major appliances, such as the HVAC or hot water heater, are properly installed and function.

When you purchase a new construction home, these are common problems that may not be discovered until you move in if you do not have a home inspection completed. A home inspector checks for these common issues, ensuring there are no building defects, cracks or gaps that can lead to air loss or moisture issues, and that major appliances are properly installed and functional. 

Should You Accompany the Inspector During a Home Inspection? 

Technically, you do not have to accompany a home inspector during a home inspection. However, there are many benefits to doing so instead of allowing the inspector to complete the process on their own.

The number one reason why you should consider accompanying a home inspector during the home inspection process is so that you can see the issues that the home inspector sees. They can point out issues to you, such as cracks or gaps. This allows you to see the issue and see exactly where the problem is. This makes it easier to point the issue out to the builder so they can fix the problem. 

What Does a Home Inspector Pay Close Attention to During the Home Inspection Process? 

When inspecting a new home, a home inspector will pay close attention to many elements of the home, including the foundation, the electrical system, the plumbing system, water drainage and disbursement, the quality of the build, the structural integrity of the home and the quality and installation process of major appliances.

The inspector will be on the lookout for cracks, gaps and other imperfections that may signal the building process was not properly done and that repairs may be needed prior to you moving in. 

What Common Mistakes Do Home Inspectors Make? 

Home inspectors are not perfect, and unfortunately, they too make mistakes. Hiring a licensed, skilled and experienced home inspector is one of the best tips for ensuring you are hiring a great home inspector.

One of the most common mistakes that home inspectors make is overlooking an area that needs to be inspected. They may be in a hurry, they may get sidetracked or they may simply forget to inspect a key element of the home.

Another common mistake they make is missing a problem that they should have caught. Taking the time to research a home inspector and talk to other people who have used the home inspector can help you find a quality inspector who is less likely to make mistakes when they are inspecting your new construction home.  

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