The Top 5 Home Renovation Ideas for 2021

[fa icon="calendar"] January 20, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

home officeWith all of the changes that have happened in the last year, there has never been more focus on the home environment. With routines changed and our living spaces altered, many have either been in the process of a home renovation or have given it serious consideration.

Home renovations don’t always have to be an expensive endeavor. However, if you have the budget the sky is the limit (almost) for what you can spend. Whether you have a large or small budget, here are some ideas of home renovation projects to tackle in 2021:

Home Office

With the surge in remote working, many people have suddenly found themselves needing a workspace at home. When you're tired of working from the kitchen table, and if you have some extra room in your home, building an office space could make your work day more pleasant.

For some, there’s an extra bedroom that can easily be converted into an office. For other home sizes and styles, utilizing an area off the kitchen may make sense. For the homeowners with a large budget to play around with, adding an addition to the home that will include a home office is an option.


Recreation Space/Game Room

Time at home with the family is great but can come with its challenges. If your home has the extra space it could make sense to design a recreation area. Similar to the home office idea, this may ideally work with an extra bedroom in the home and can be the place for a ping pong table or a game room.

If space in the home is tight, consider upgrading the outdoor area of your home to include a gazebo covering a recreation area. See below for more outdoor suggestions.


Kitchen Upgrade

Who doesn’t love a kitchen upgrade? Since you spend so much time in the kitchen of your home, it makes sense to love this part of the house. Full-on kitchen remodels aren’t cheap, but thankfully there are in-between options that help you to capture the look and feel without breaking the budget. Whether it’s a simple paint job on the walls, painting the cabinets a fresh color, or putting in new cabinets and counter tops – your kitchen can become the place you love to be.


Learning Space

With many children schooling at home, this adds another complexity to the living dynamic. A dedicated learning space is a smart renovation to add to your home. If you have kids in the home who are distance learning, having a separate room or “space” that you keep strictly for learning can bring organization and focus.


Outdoor Space

After spending so much extra time indoors, many homeowners have given new attention to their backyard and outdoor spaces. It’s important to get outside for recreation or relaxation, and the options are limitless. An outdoor deck or patio, coupled with a gazebo can make your outdoor space both fun and practical. Adding a pool and/or hot tub can make your outdoor space a year-round paradise.


Getting Help with Your Project

Whatever path you decide to take with your home renovation and whatever the budget, Experts In Your Home has you covered! Our home remodeling contractors can walk you through the entire project and help you understand your options. Contact us today for a free quote.

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