Fall Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle Now

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As the weather cools and the leaves begin to fall, it's important to take care of some essential home maintenance tasks. These tasks—necessary for any homeowner—are important to complete in order to prepare your home for winter weather and avoid potential problems.
For example, you'll want to make sure that your furnace is in good working order and that your pipes are properly insulated to prevent them from freezing.

You should also take steps to seal any cracks or gaps in your home's exterior, which can help to keep warm air inside and cold air out.

Another reason to complete home maintenance tasks in the fall is to prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones.

For instance, if you neglect to clean your gutters, leaves and other debris can build up and cause water to back up on your roof. This can lead to serious damage, such as leaks and rot.

By completing a few simple tasks now, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle down the road.

We're going to cover some of these tasks in more detail below. Here's a quick snapshot of what you should look into before winter arrives:

  • Preparing your furnace
  • Stop air leakage
  • Inspect your roof
  • Clean your fireplace
  • Insulate exterior pipes
  • Paint before the freeze

Ensure Your Furnace is Prepared for Winter

It's important that your furnace is prepared for winter weather before the cold temperatures hit. One way to do this is by scheduling a professional inspection. This will help identify any potential issues that could cause problems later on.

Additionally, you should check and clean your furnace filters regularly. Dirty filters can reduce efficiency and cause the furnace to work harder than necessary.

Stop Air Leakage to Conserve Energy

Sealing cracks and gaps in your home's exterior is one of the easiest fall maintenance tasks you can accomplish. It's important for two reasons. First, it helps to keep warm air inside and cold air out. This saves you money on your energy bills.

According to Energy Star, "air leakage accounts for between 25 percent and 40 percent of the energy used for heating and cooling in a typical residence". That's a lot of energy waste!

Second, sealing cracks can also prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones. For example, if a crack in your foundation goes unrepaired, it could eventually lead to serious structural damage.

Inspect Your Roof Before Winter

As winter approaches, it's important to take some time to inspect your roof. Heavy snow and ice can damage shingles, causing leaks that can lead to major problems down the road.

Additionally, strong winds can loosen or break shingles, leaving your home vulnerable to water damage. By taking a few minutes to inspect your roof now, you can avoid costly repairs later.

Snow can increase the risk of your roof leaking. Here's how: In freezing temperatures, ice can build up in areas around your roof. If snow on your roof begins to melt, the ice building can prevent the melted snow water from properly exiting your roof. The water just sits there. This is called an ice dam. So, it's important to check for any roof damage so this standing water doesn't get into your home through your roof.

Clean Your Fireplace and Chimney

If you have a fireplace, it's important to keep it clean. Otherwise, you run the risk of a fire. Creosote is a substance that forms when wood burns. It's black and sticky, and it builds up on the inside of your chimney. If too much creosote builds up, it can catch fire. That's why it's important to have your chimney cleaned regularly. If you don't, you could put your home at risk. In addition to causing fires, creosote can also lead to chimney blockages. When that happens, smoke can back up into your home.

Insulate Outdoor Water Pipes

When water freezes, it expands. This can cause serious damage to your pipes, as the ice puts pressure on the walls of the pipe and can cause them to burst. If your outdoor water pipes are not properly insulated, they are at risk of freezing—and bursting—when the temperature dips below freezing. This can lead to expensive repairs and significant disruptions to your water supply. In addition, frozen pipes can create a dangerous slip and fall hazard, as the ice can make the surface around the pipe slippery.

Paint Your Home's Exterior Before the Freeze

If you're thinking about painting your home's exterior, you need to be aware of the temperature. Painting in cold weather can be problematic because the paint will take longer to dry, and it may not cure properly. This can lead to peeling and chipping paint.

In general, it's best to wait until the weather is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit before painting if the weather is already cold. Or, better yet, get your home painted in the fall before it gets too cold outside.

Hire the Experts for the Fall Maintenance Tasks

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