Increase Curb Appeal with New Exterior Home Painting

[fa icon="calendar"] April 10, 2017 / by Home Services Expert

couple standing in front of houseYou've probably reached one important conclusion already: if you're going to paint the exterior of your house, you might as well paint the entire house.

The main surface, be it wood, siding or stucco, abuts so many other elements (especially window trim and shutters) that you probably will regret trying to sidestep them. Against a fresh coat of paint, they will look faded by contrast.

Still, if you're working on a tight budget – or even if you're not certain you want to take on a major home painting project – you're smart to consider how your home's architectural features work together and whether you should try to isolate one from another.

Whatever you decide, you're on the right track. Nothing can transform a home like paint. It's one of the most economical upgrades you can make to preserve your life's No. 1 investment. Realtors say that painting enhances a home's “curb appeal.” The home painting contractors at Experts in Your Home believe this may be too limiting; painting improves your home's overall appeal, from any vantage point.

Where to Begin with the Exterior?

Choosing a color scheme is a good place to begin since you face many choices for the primary color and the contrasting color of the trim. In addition to around windows and doors, trim can include shutters, columns, window planters, porch railings and other architectural features on your home.

As a general rule, homeowners prefer to stick close to their existing color scheme rather than make a radical color change. The color experts at Experts in Your Home will work with you until you're satisfied you have selected a pleasing color palette. Some winning choices we often see in the Chico area include:

  • Neutral colors such as creams and grays. These soft colors never go out of style; they have a timeless look.
  • Earth tones such as greens and browns particularly complement homes on wooded lots, making them look cohesive with their surroundings.
  • The so-called “historic” colors, also known as Craftsman colors, after the Craftsman homes so closely associated with California. This palette is marked by warm yellows, earthy browns, muted greens and cool, stone-like blues. These pleasing colors are suitable for any decorating style, not just traditional.

A Word about Siding and Home Painting

If your home is covered with siding, looks faded but is still in relatively good shape, it probably is a prime candidate for painting. The Experts have saved many homeowners thousands of dollars on re-siding work when a paint job accomplished their goals at a fraction of the cost.

With the proper prep work, primer and two coats of paint, paint on siding should last as long as it does on other surfaces, or between five and 10 years, depending on how much exposure it gets to the sun.

Consider Doors and Your Porch for an Infusion of Color

  • Painting your front door is probably one of the most dramatic changes you can make – alone or as part of a larger painting project. (And you have to admit: those ruby red front doors make quite a statement.) After enduring the rays of the sun, nicks and dings from groceries and deliveries and scratches and scuffs from a steady stream of guests, a newly painted front door is bound to “pop” from any distance.
  • Painting your garage door can have the same uplifting effect, especially if you add accent pieces or hardware to make it more than a plain, flat surface.
  • Painting your front porch is an obvious remedy for peeling and flaking paint and can restore the welcoming aura you probably want to restore. We've been emphasizing paint, but if the exterior of your home needs stain, the Experts are skilled with this application, too.

Call us for a home painting consultation and we'll take things from there, one paint stroke at a time.

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