10 Great Ideas to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

[fa icon="calendar"] April 19, 2017 / by Home Services Expert


house with curb appealIn our recent article, “Increase Curb Appeal with New Exterior Home Painting”, we noted that Realtors often say that painting can enhance a home's “curb appeal.” And yes; we put the term in quotes, only because it's a term Realtors seem to favor. Then we said, “The painting contractors at Experts in Your Home believe this may be too limiting; painting improves your home's overall appeal, from any vantage point.”

We were trying to make the point that painting is a worthwhile investment that can enhance the pride the owner feels in a home, regardless of whether he or she is making improvements to placate an anxious realtor who is trying to sell it. 

For example, if you put your home up for sale and felt the clock ticking because you made a conditional offer on another Chico home, you may start feeling the pressure – from either yourself or your realtor – in which case, you could call Experts In Your Home to embark on some “curb appeal projects.” So, what can be done – and be done quickly – to increase your home’s curb appeal so it looks better on the outside to prospective buyers?

When you put it that way, Experts in Your Home can rise to the occasion in myriad ways – and fast:

1) Paint something to make a statement, such as your front door, garage door or porch.

2) Edge the sidewalk leading to your front door with bricks or concrete or stone pavers.

3) Replace light fixtures near your front door, with a matching pair framing the garage door. (Hint: many people choose fixtures that are too small, so don't be afraid to make an impression with larger fixtures.)

4) Add low-voltage lighting near walkways and dark corners. The Experts' electricians can install a timer, too, so the lights turn off automatically.

5) Install a freestanding mailbox. One that is built within a column of bricks can make a striking entry point to your home.

6) Replace your storm door. Your choices are probably more extensive than you think. Plenty of styles feature decorative glass and embellishments that will engender second looks.

7) Install an awning over the primary window in the front of your home. In addition to adding instant charm, an awning is a sure way to screen the sun and harness large summertime utility bills.

8) Plant some shrubs, and so much the better if they're colorful, such as the azalea, forsythia, lilac, rhododendron or viburnum.

9) Install flower boxes below stationary windows. If you're not sure you'll be able to keep up with the regular watering they'll require, ask the Experts about building some custom planters to place near your front door.

10) Take a good look at your house numbers. Most are too small and can benefit from a bump in size (and style) to make them less of a necessity and more of a design feature.

Don't Overlook Cleaning

As you consider these 10 ideas, don't overlook the obvious: places where the exterior of your home can be scrubbed clean. Prime places for dirt and grime to congregate include the driveway, shutters and sidewalks. Sometimes, all these features need is a thorough power washing treatment to restore their good looks.

Contact Experts In Your Home if you need help improving your home's curb appeal, overall appeal, sidewalk appeal and any other kind of appeal that's important to you. One lesson is clear: we all speak the same language when it comes to curb-appealing projects.

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