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Home Maintenance

Trendy Home Technology You Should Try

Here are some ideas for trendy home technology you should try from Experts In Your Home.


Electrical Safety Tips: Beware of Energy Vampires in Your Home

When should you unplug electrical appliances? These electrical safety tips will help protect you from energy vampires...

Home Energy Efficiency

Should I Upgrade to Double-Pane Windows?

Considering an upgrade to double-pane windows in your home? Here are some reasons why that may be a good idea from...


Home Lighting Efficiency Tips

You'd be surprised how much money can be saved by putting a focus on home lighting efficiency. Here are some tips to...


The Best Type of Bulbs to Use for Your Home Lighting

Buying light bulbs has become alot more complicated in recent years, so here is a helpful overview to make your home...

Heating and Air

Is an Energy Star Rated Heating System Really Necessary?

There is no doubt that Energy Star heating systems represent the most efficient and reliable furnaces available.

Home Energy Efficiency

How an Energy Efficient Furnace Affects Your Home Heating Budget

Learn how you know the efficiency of your home heating system and steps to help it have a positive effect on your...

Heating and Air

4 Areas of Your Heating System to Pay Attention to and Save Money [DIY Video]

Learn the 4 parts of your heating system that can keep your home energy efficient and save you money.

Heating and Air

Too Hot? Too Cold? Help Your Home Heating System Keep Temps Just Right

There's no magic temperature for your heating system thermostat, but there are some best practices you can do to keep...


Tasks You Can Do in Your Home Office to Save on Your Electric Bill

Your home office could be sucking a lot of energy and adding up the dollars on your electric bill. Learn what you can...


Shock Your Electric Bill: Save Using Your Washer, Dryer & Water Heater

Your home appliances represent about 15 percent of your electric bill. Learn easy ways you can save using your washer,...

Home Maintenance

Save on Your Electric Bill: Don’t Let Energy Go Out the Window

As much as 25 percent of the heat you're paying for might be sneaking right out your windows via cracks, costing you...

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