4 Areas of Your Heating System to Pay Attention to and Save Money [DIY Video]

[fa icon="calendar"] November 09, 2015 / by Home Services Expert

DIY Heating System Check ImageAs a homeowner, the last thing you want is to be sending money right out the window. But just as heat escapes when you open the door or a window, you’re losing money when you don’t effectively maintain your heating system. Learn the 4 most important parts of your system you should pay attention to for energy efficiency and cost savings.




1.  Filter


Changing your filter is probably the easiest thing you can do and also the most overlooked by homeowners. You should change your filter once a quarter.

Warm air comes through the filter and circulates through the vents. When it’s clogged, it limits the air flow coming through. This causes your heating system to use more energy to pull the warm air through. Less air coming through means your system has to run longer and work harder, which in turn leads to a higher energy bill.


2.  Thermostat


A lot of folks today, especially in older homes, still have manual thermostats. They are inefficient because you have to manually change the temperature.

A digital thermostat lets you program it for your lifestyle. For example, you can turn it down at night while you’re under the covers in bed but set it for a certain time to start warming your house before you get up in the morning. It sounds like a luxury, but it actually will significantly save you money because it’s regulated, especially if you’re upgrading from a manual thermostat.


3.  Condition of equipment


Since your heating system is hidden from you, it’s easy to not pay attention to it. But there is a lot of wear and tear that happens.

For example, a filter that has been clogged for too long can actually wear out part of the motor. The key is maintenance. Your system should be serviced twice a year – once for your furnace and once for your air conditioning system.


4.  Age


If your system is over 10 years old, then it’s probably costing you more than you want to spend. If it’s in disrepair or just old and not up to date with the technology, it’s costing you money. There are things you can do and a heating system service company can help.




It’s time to stop throwing money out the window and start maintaining your system. Contact Experts In Your Home to have your system inspected and maintained today. We are experts in your home!


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