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How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan for Your Home

[fa icon="calendar"] April 20, 2016 at 4:33 PM / by Home Services Expert

ceiling fanIf you're feeling a bit “blown away” by all the choices you face as you shop for your first home ceiling fan, rest assured that you have plenty of company.

Many customers of Experts In Your Home seek our help with the selection process, and we always reassure them of two points right from the start:

  • You can quickly eliminate two-thirds of the ceiling fans you see, based on the total “wing span” of the blades
  • You might be new to the process of selecting a ceiling fan, but it's very similar to other purchases you've made in which you seek to merge style with function. (Think of a home media system, a kitchen appliance and especially a car.)

Let Experts In Your Home guide your selection process so that you can reap all the benefits of ceiling fans.

Reduce Your Electric Bill with Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can make a cool addition to any room in your home, especially where your family congregates most. When the blades are set to turn in a counterclockwise direction in the summer, they create a wind-chill effect that absorbs moisture from your skin and make you feel cooler.

Just how cool depends on your own “internal thermostat,” but the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that when you set a ceiling fan to run at medium or high speed, you can set the thermostat on your wall about 4 degrees higher than normal – with no noticeable difference in comfort. On those summer days when you're not sure whether to turn on your air conditioner, a ceiling fan might provide all the cooling power you need.

Either way, a ceiling fan will enable you to save money on your electric bill. Just keep in mind that ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. In other words, a ceiling fan will not reduce the temperature in a room – not even by one-half of 1 degree. This is why you should be vigilant about running a ceiling fan only when someone is around to enjoy the cooling benefits – and turn if off before you leave home.

Ceiling Fan Measurements Count

Before you head to the store, it's important to take a few measurements first. Ensure that your ceiling is at least 8 feet high; ceiling fans need sufficient operating room. Then measure the size of the room. Here's where you can quickly pare your choices by two-thirds because most ceiling fans are sold in sizes of 36-, 44- and 52-inch blades:

  • Ceiling fans that are 36 or 44 inches in diameter are designed for rooms up to 225 square feet, or 15-by-15 feet.
  • Ceiling fans that are 52 inches or bigger are meant for larger rooms.
  • Installing multiple ceiling fans in one room can look and feel very cool, as long as the room is longer than 18 feet.

Heed Three Other Pointers

Remember that these are guidelines only. Keep in mind three other selection tips, too:

  • Consider the architectural features in and the layout of a room, which could affect your selection. For example, a 52-inch fan might seem like the right choice based on the room dimension but may end up looking overpowering in a room with dormer windows.
  • Limit your selection to Energy Star ceiling fans. They might cost a little more upfront, but they run at least 20 percent more efficiently than other models, which also tend to be noisy by comparison.
  • Finding a ceiling fan in a style and color that complements your home is an important step, but like many people, you might find the color choices a bit limiting. So keep in mind that you can easily match or personalize the blade color (or colors) with the help of a little paint. The painting team at Experts In Your Home can assist you with this project.

For help in selecting and especially installing a ceiling fan, reach out to a Chico electrician at Experts In Your Home today – and begin chilling out to new energy savings tomorrow.

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