DIY Electrical Video: Checking Your Light Switches

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DIY Electrical Video ImageIt's more than “the law of averages”; it's a fact of a homeowner's life: somewhere in your home lies at least one light switch that doesn't work like it should.

If you're already nodding and wondering what you should do next, the answer is: let the Experts In Your Home help with this DIY video that will walk you through the process of conducting what we call an electrical switch check. Then you can decide whether you can make the electrical repair yourself.

Watch this DIY Electrical Video here to find out how to check your home light switches:


Experts In Your Home Continues a Tradition of Customer Education

If you've already placed Experts In Your Home's blog on your “must read” list, then you already know that we are positively dedicated to educating our customers and providing them with information to safeguard and improve their homes.

With our video series, we extend that effort. We know that it's not always convenient to call one of our electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning or building experts at the very minute you determine that a problem exists in your home. You could be pressed for time, it could be late at night or you simply may shelve the problem until inspiration strikes you to tackle it. When you cannot have one of our home improvement experts in your home to size things up for himself, a video serves as the next best thing.

Video Depicts a Familiar Electrical Scenario

Perhaps you've encountered an electrical problem like this one in your home: Your kitchen features a chandelier over the table and track lighting in another portion of the room. You can operate and dim both devices from a series of switches on the wall. At least, that's the plan.

The switch that operates the chandelier clicks off when pressed at the bottom. Yours might be slightly different; this type of switch has largely replaced the rather outdated rotary knob. Nevertheless, this switch works as it should.

The problem seems to lie with the second switch – the one that operates the track lighting. When you press the bottom of this switch, the track lighting does indeed turn off. But when you try to dim the lights by gliding the switch up and down, nothing happens.

Both switches are wired to the same location on the wall. So how can one switch work as it should while the other stubbornly refuses your command?

Clearly, the second switch is faulty and probably needs to be replaced. But this could be a tricky electrical repair. So now it's decision time. Do you dismantle the wall switch and investigate and carry through with the repair? Or do you call a licensed electrician at Experts In Your Home?

Ask Yourself Some Important Questions

We've walked many homeowners through an electrical repair like this one, but you must ask yourself some vital questions first:

  • Do you have a solid understanding of how electricity works?
  • Are you experienced or competent with electrical repairs?
  • Do you know exactly which safety precautions you must take before embarking on an electrical repair?
  • Do you have the proper electrical tools at your disposal?
  • Are you well versed in electrical codes, which outline proper procedures and outcomes?
  • Do you feel comfortable working with electricity?
  • Do you feel confident that you can troubleshoot an unforeseen difficulty? Some electrical issues are not as straightforward as they may appear.

Be sure to answer an honest “yes” to all of these questions before trying to fix a faulty light switch. Electricity can be dangerous, and one slip can trigger an injury or fire. Just remember that Experts In Your Home electrical experts are one phone call away – to turn “the law of averages” in your favor every time.

To get help with your electrical job today request a quote from Experts In Your Home Chico electricians.

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