Should I Upgrade to Double-Pane Windows?

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New Window InstallationIf you live in an older home (especially one built in the 1970’s or before), you may have single-pane windows. Newer homes are generally built with double-pane windows. While those in the window installation business are surely knowledgeable on all of the differences between different types of windows, we know the average homeowner may not be. What you may think of as a normal power bill or a normal amount of street noise that makes it into your home may actually be more related to your windows than you think.

So, if you’re asking the question “Should I Upgrade to Double-Pane Windows?” the answer is most likely yes, and here are some reasons why:

Why Upgrade to Double-Pane Windows?


Cost Savings:

The efficiency of having double-pane windows can save you on your power bills. Newer windows built this way keep more of the cold air in during the summer and also keep the warm air in during the winter. According to Home Advisor, energy savings after switching to double-pane windows should be 30-50%.

Oh So Comfortable

It’s not just the cost. If you have ever felt the “cold breeze” in your home even when the windows were closed, upgrading to double-pane windows should help a lot with that. Or, if your home never seems to cool down during the summer and the air conditioner runs non-stop, new windows could make a difference. When it comes to things that make your home comfortable, don’t forget to think about the windows.

Peace and Quiet

Have you noticed that the noise from outdoors tends to make it easily into your home? Maybe you live near a busy street and can hear constant car noises. Or maybe you hear people talking when they walk by your house, and while you could probably join their conversation from inside your home, you’d rather not. Whatever your living situation, if you’re living with single-pane windows then you’re dealing with a lot of noise that you don’t have to be hearing.


Are there any Downsides to having Double-Pane Windows?


Initial Cost

If you’re looking at a whole house window replacement, it won’t be cheap. This can be a deterrent for many who are considering upgrading their windows. While this needs to fit into your budget sensibly, don’t forget to consider the long term costs of not replacing your windows. When you weigh the potential energy savings and reduced power bill costs against the purchase price of the windows, you can figure out the real cost over the long run.

Temporary Construction Zone

Well, it’s not really a construction zone so to speak. But, you will have to set some time aside to have the old windows taken out and new windows put in. This is a minor inconvenience in the long run, and when you’re sitting in your much quieter home and paying lower power bills after your new windows are put in it will seem like a small price to pay.


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