10 Ways to Keep Cool in Chico During a Home Air Conditioning Repair

[fa icon="calendar"] June 11, 2015 / by Home Services Expert

kids_splashing_in_kiddie_poolThe temperature just reached the triple digits, schools out, and day campers are in full-force – summer in Chico, California is unofficially here. The outside temp recently jumped from a lovely 84 degrees to a forecasted 106 degrees! Not only have Chico residents had no time to acclimate, neither has your HVAC system. Hopefully you’ve been doing seasonal maintenance on your system, but if you haven’t and you’re faced with a home air conditioning repair, then there’s no doubt you’re looking for ways to keep cool until your system is fixed. Pull up some shade and check out the list below to help you plan a weekend of (cool) fun.

1.  Drink a lot of water

You’ve heard the advice to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. This is a good rule of thumb, but the amount of water you should be drinking really depends on your personal body and health. When it’s hot, everyone needs to stay hydrated, so just make sure you take your Klean Kanteen with you wherever you go.

2.  Turn on the fans

If you’re staying indoors during your home air conditioning repair, then utilize your ceiling fans or an electric fan. Ceiling fans are made to cool people, not rooms by creating a wind-chill effect that evaporates moisture from your skin. So it definitely makes sense to use them while you’re at home trying to stay cool.

3.  Turn off the lights

Keeping your lights off as much as possible, and even closing the blinds to keep the sun from shining in, will help keep the rooms in your home cooler because you're essentially taking away energy. You might even see a small reduction in your utilities bill – score!

4.  Open the windows

Yes, we just told you to close the blinds, but if the mornings and evenings are tolerable, open up the windows in your home to get a draft going. Even better if there’s an outside breeze! Just remember to close them when you feel the outside temperature starting to heat up, and trap the cooler air inside for awhile.

5.  Dress to un-impress

When it’s hotter than you-know-what outside, the last thing you should worry about is looking good. You’re just going to sweat anyway! When getting dressed in the morning, let the temperature – not the latest fashions – guide your decisions. Think light, cotton, flowy fabrics that breathe, shorts, tank tops, sandals, etc.

6.  Get a kiddie pool

A kiddie pool doesn’t just have to be for the kids. There’s no reason why you can’t throw on your swimsuit, fill up that pool, and sit yourself right smack down in the middle of it. The kids will love it, and it will even be good for Fido to have to himself outside on hot days. Let the splashing commence.

7.  Go swimming at One Mile

Bidwell Park in Chico California offers some great swimming holes, creeks, and the infamous Sycamore Pool at One Mile Recreation Area. With the shade from the tall trees and water nearby, you might forget it’s 100 degrees outside – don’t forget your sunscreen!

8.  Go to the movies

If you just can’t tolerate being outside, there’s bound to be something entertaining playing at the movie theater. Chico’s Cinemark Theater offers the Summer Movie Clubhouse – only $1 per movie! You can look forward to 2 hours of cool, air conditioned, uninterrupted bliss.

9.  Attend Thursday Night Market 

Every Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. April through September you can venture into Downtown Chico to Thursday Night Market. The event offers a farmers' market (how about some cool fruits and veggies to taste and take home?), local artisans, and musical entertainment. You’ll even find both kids and adults cooling off running through the large fountain in the plaza.

10. Lick a sweet treat

While you’re downtown, or on any hot day of the week, nothing will taste better than a Jon & Bon’s frozen yogurt or Shubert’s ice cream cone. Yum!

Just because you’re faced with a home air conditioning repair in this triple digit weather, doesn’t mean you have to be hot! If you need an air conditioning service company, contact Experts In Your Home – we are experts in your home!


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