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Common Toilet Problems You Can Tackle Yourself

Here are some toilet repair fixes for some of the more common toilet repairs that may be needed in your home.

Home Remodeling

5 Popular Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Need a little inspiration for a kitchen upgrade? Here are 5 popular kitchen lighting ideas for your home.

Home Tips

5 Tips for Building a New House

Here are 5 tips for building your new construction dream home.

Home Maintenance

Plumbing Help: What to Do When Your Shower Won’t Drain

Do you have a clogged shower drain and want to try out a few DIY drain clog fixes? Learn some tricks to clear your...

New Construction

Rebuilding After a Fire in Orland

Experts In Your Home is rebuilding a home after a fire in Orland. Here is an update on the progress and some pictures...

Home Remodeling

Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Design Consultant

When it comes to choosing a design consultant, here are some important qualities to look for.

House Painting

Pros and Cons of Painting Your Home’s Exterior Yourself

Are you trying to decide if you should paint your home yourself? Here are a few pros and cons from Experts In Your Home.

New Construction

First Apartment Rebuild in Paradise is Underway

From the Camp Fire to a remodel to designing and rebuilding, see how Villa Monterey in Paradise, California is finally...

Custom Homes

How Long Will It Take to Build Your New Construction House?

Learn how long it takes to build a new home and what factors can speed up or slow down the process from Experts In Your...


Common Electrical Problems a Chico Electrician Can Fix

Electrical problems in the home are no joke, and you'll want to call a pro for help. Here are some common electrical...

New Construction

What is Involved in the Permit Process when Building a House?

If you’re either building a house or considering building one, it’s important to understand the permit process. Learn...


Do I Need to Get My Water Heater Flushed?

Learn how important a water heater flush is and how often you should do it from Experts In Your Home.

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