Finance Options for Your Next Construction or Remodeling Project

[fa icon="calendar"] February 11, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

couple looking at construction financing optionsDo you need financing for your upcoming construction or remodeling project?

Here at Experts in Your Home, we understand that using cash on hand is not always possible, so we've partnered with Hearth to make it easy for you to finance your project.

Here are some of the details on financing with Hearth for your upcoming construction and remodeling project.

How Does Hearth Financing Work?

When you apply for financing through Hearth you start on the construction financing page at Experts In Your Home. In less than 2 minutes you can complete the pre-qualification and it won't even affect your credit score!

Hearth offers:

  • Multiple Financing Options (they work with 13 lenders).
  • Simple Pre-qualification - the process takes less than 2 minutes!
  • Personalized Options - Hearth’s lending partners can provide multiple options tailored to your needs.

Some Details about Financing with Hearth:

  • No prepayment penalties
  • No home equity required
  • Loan amounts up to $100,000
  • Affordable monthly payment options
  • Funding within 1-3 days

Learn More about Financing Your Project with This Short Video:


See Your Personalized Payment Plans

You can see your personalized payment plans without affecting your credit score now! Visit the Experts In Your Home construction financing page to get started. 

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