What Can I Renovate In My Kitchen for Under $5,000

[fa icon="calendar"] April 30, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

couple painting kitchen during renovationA kitchen renovation can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your old kitchen. While it isn’t cheap to completely redo an entire kitchen, there are options to do a lower budget kitchen renovation that can leave you happy and not cost a lot. Imagine walking into your newly updated kitchen and getting a wow factor without breaking the bank!

The following are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing for your kitchen.


Paint the Cabinets

One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen’s look and feel without spending a ton of money is to sand and paint the cabinets. You can choose colors from dark to bright white depending on the look you’re going for. This job can be done by professional painters or you can DIY it! Of course you’ll save quite a bit doing it yourself, but make sure you learn the process from trustworthy sources so that your cabinets look good.


Cabinet Fixtures

kitchen cabinet hardware being installedCabinet fixtures seem cheap (a few bucks each) but you’d be surprised how quickly they can add up when you’re updating an entire kitchen. All things considered this is still one of the less expensive ways to give your kitchen an updated look. Head to the hardware store and check out the wide selection they have, or go online to a site like homedepot.com and you’ll find even more options.


Vinyl Flooring Options

There is such a wide variety of vinyl flooring options today that you can make a kitchen look great and may not even know the floors are vinyl. This type of flooring is cheaper than the wood variations (real or manufactured) and is definitely less expensive than tile. You may not get the full luxury of the higher end floors, but we’re talking about low cost kitchen remodels here right? Vinyl flooring may give you the best mix of an updated look, durability, and low cost.


Sink and Faucet Upgrades

upgraded kitchen faucetFor both utility and visual appeal, upgrading the sink and faucet can be one of the best investments in your kitchen. If you stick with the same size and DIY this project (if you have the know-how), this can be very inexpensive. If you are opting for a larger sink or upgraded faucet fixtures expect to pay a bit more.



Kitchen backsplashes are fun and can add a truly unique and upscale look to your kitchen. To stay within budget you can opt for backsplashes solely behind the sink and stove, or you can go around the whole kitchen if you can spend the money. Options include subway tile, traditional tile, stone, wood and more.


New Appliances

new appliances in kitchenNew appliances can add true functionality along with good looks to your updated kitchen. Prices vary dramatically for appliances depending on size, finish and bells and whistles. Just be careful here, if you opt for all new kitchen appliances this can take up a sizeable amount of your budget. One recommendation is to look into special sales on appliances, discount appliance stores and scratch and dent clearance items.


Getting Started on Your Home Renovation

These are some ideas for your kitchen renovation, and depending on your skill level and desire to do the work you can DIY or look at hiring an Expert. If you want to talk about your kitchen renovation ideas and what you can afford within your budget, give our home renovation experts a call today!

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