Ideas for Small Awkward Spaces in Your Home

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awkward space in roomDo you ever pass by places throughout your home and think, “hmm what can I place there?” but nothing ever seems to come to mind? Those spots would be the awkward spaces in your home.

They are the spaces that you know you want to fill, but you have zero idea what you could fill them with. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of all the commonly known awkward spaces and ideas on how to turn them into places you love!


Small Corners/Odd Alcoves

The majority of homeowners will look at small corners or odd alcoves as weird places where nothing fits, deciding to just leave them empty.  But, the saying ”nothing fits” is just code for you have to put a little more effort into finding the right piece.

Here are two ideas that will help get the juices flowing on what to place in that oddly designed space within your home:

  • Plants – The best part about plants is they come in a variety of sizes, pretty much guaranteeing that you’ll find one that fits in your space.
  • Shelves – DIYing your own shelves will guarantee that they fit within the space you're trying to fill. Once you’ve built your shelves, you can place all sorts of knick-knacks to brighten up the space. You can even find little plants to scatter throughout the shelves.
  • Art - Sometimes just placing things on the walls makes the space seem like it's there for a reason!


Above Cabinets

When staring at the cabinets in your kitchen, is there space above them? This space can be used in a number of different ways. Want to start keeping your cooking pots up there instead of having them clutter the drawers? Keep a step stool within reach in your kitchen for easy access to the pots.

If the space isn’t as easy to get to or keeping a step stool in your kitchen 24/7 isn’t ideal, then use the space for décor.

  • Kitchen themed signs
  • Pick a barn animal theme (roosters, pigs, etc.) and find some plates, signs, and other decor that can fill up the space.

Once you've decided on your everyday décor, you can switch it out during the holiday season (really just an excuse to purchase more fall and Christmas decorations!).


Behind Doors

The space behind your doors can easily be swept aside as a place that should forever be unused, but how often do your doors stay open? As long as what you place behind the door doesn’t hinder it from opening then by all means, use it!


Front doors

When you open your front door and it hits a wall, don’t assume that nothing can go on the wall. Think about placing a mirror there for when you are heading out the door and need a last-minute check to see if anything is out of place. You might even have enough room to place a skinny table to hold your keys!


Bedroom doors

Same goes for bedrooms, just because the door hits a wall doesn’t mean you need to leave it blank. Hanging a tie hold will allow you to hang a variety of items, from actual ties to necklaces and lanyards, scarves and hats!


Space Under/Along /On-Top of the Stairs

Each home’s staircase looks a little different from the next. Some have a cut under the stairs and others are built into a wall making it all one continuous piece. Some have large landings when you reach the top of the stairs and others seem to only have a landing big enough for a plant. No matter what type of staircase design you have, there are ways to fill the space with something that fits and is functional.


Under the Stairs

This design allows you to choose from many different options. The size of your space will impact what you do, but here are just a few ideas:

  • Add a padded bench with pillows and turn it into a reading nook.
  • Place a small desk with a chair and you’ve got yourself a tiny office.
  • Make it your personal wine cellar.

Click here for more ideas on what to turn your space under the stairs into.


Along the Stairs

If you find there isn’t any space below unless you cut a hole in the wall, try adding a bench for people to place their shoes under or better yet a shoe rack. Think of it as another place to add functional décor. Install a coat hanger that you and your guests can use whenever they come over!

Note: Creating space beneath your stairs can be an option, but it’ll take some time and an Expert to make sure you don’t damage anything important.


On-Top of the Stairs

When you think of a staircase landing, most think of the mansions where the space seems large enough for a whole living room set. The typical staircase landing may not be able to fit a whole living room set, but it can fit a few things.

Take a look at your landing and think about what would be most useful for you.

  • Could you turn it into another reading nook with a small chair and side table?
  • Maybe you can place a bookshelf there instead to make space in another room for something better?
  • What about placing a small table and putting a few plants or books on it to liven up the space?
  • What about adding a singular, fun looking plant?

No matter what you decide upon, make sure that it isn’t so big you find yourself running into it each time you go up and down the stairs.


Behind the Sofa

The space behind your sofa can be used in a number of ways, the most common is a table that is the same length as your sofa. You can make it as thick or thin as you want depending on how much space you have available or how much stuff you want to place on it.

If the space is big enough you can place a larger table and add a chair or two, allowing you or others to use it as a desk.


Non-Working Fireplace

Don’t let the inside of your non-working fireplace stay barren for long! Add fun little décor items that change with the season or place a bench in front of it to allow for more seating room.

Wish it was a working fireplace? Place real candles inside and light them whenever you're home or add electric candles inside and time them to come on every evening when the sun goes down.

The awkward spaces in your home don’t have to stay awkward for long. Try the ideas above to make your space feel more like home!

Find a project you want to do, but not sure how to go about it (like creating a space under the stairs)? Contact an Expert today and we’ll help you find the plan that works best for you and your home!

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