Creative Ways to Use Your Space Under the Stairs

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workspace under stairsWhen you live in a small house, every little space counts. No longer is a bare wall acceptable or can an overhead space be left for the cobwebs. Limited space usually means the need for more creative ideas about how to use that space to your advantage. 

If you've ever looked at the alcove under your stairs and wondered what to even use it for, we’ve got an idea for you! 

The Spruce has already thought of 10 different ways you could use for that space under your stairs. Read below and see the first three on their list!


10 Inventive Ideas for That Space Under the Stairs

Written by: Shelby Deering

Posted by: The Spruce


1. Create a Garden

If you have several low-light houseplants, you can create a cozy little nook for them right under your stairs, just as plant-loving Kate of Tribe and Us has done here. Starting with built-in shelving, she wove in her plants among decorative items like baskets and books, turning that random spot into a mini green paradise.


2. Assemble a Library

This is another instance when built-in shelving comes in handy with those spaces under the stairs. The team at Regan Baker Design set up an impressive library under the stairs, adjacent to the dining room and oh-so-stylish with small, decorative objects mixed in. If you have a treasure trove of books that are sitting in a box, this is a fantastic way to give them the spotlight.


3. Install a Wet Bar

When you entertain, it can be handy to have a wet bar on hand to craft concoctions or crack open a bottle of wine. This wet bar, designed by Cortney Bishop Design, is conveniently right off of the living room and stands at the ready for cocktail hours and dinner parties with friends.


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Other Creative Ideas

If none of the above really hit the spot when it comes to how you want to remodel or use your space, see if any of these get you closer to something that would look good within your home!

  • Little Cubbies - give each member of your family their own little cubby for hanging up their coats, bags, umbrellas, etc. This allows you more space in your entry way for something else!

  • Book Nook - grab a comfy chair, a little bookcase or side table, and a lamp or some sort of light source. You can even have a bench seat with pillows built in! Either way you've now given yourself a place to enjoy a good book without having to make a space off in the living room or in your bedroom.

  • Harry Potter Room (aka a secret room) - if your staircase is wide enough think about making a secret room to store things or maybe use it as a kids play room!

  • Pet Space - if you have any pets, think about using the space under your stairs as their new home or a place for all their favorite toys to live instead of taking space up in the living room.

  • Stairs Themselves - maybe the space under your stairs isn't enough to do anything amazing with, but what about your stairs themselves? Try turning the stairs into drawers!

No matter how you choose to use the space under your stairs, remember that the Experts are just one call away to help you layout the best plan for the space you have and make it look beautiful too! 

Whether you're in Redding or Chico, contact Experts in Your Home to help - we do more than you think!

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