Small Home Upgrades that Make a Big Difference

[fa icon="calendar"] August 30, 2019 / by Home Services Expert

kitchen_backsplashAdmit it, we all love a good home renovation show. All you have to do is turn on the tv, dedicate about an hour, and see a miraculous transformation. It seems so easy to watch an old run down home turn into a stunningly beautiful dream home.

While our home renovation team at Experts In Your Home can do that for you, we know not everyone has the budget or need of such a full scale remodel. So here we're going to look at more budget friendly, smaller options that will make a big impact on your home. These are things that you could possibly do yourself, or hire out. While they are far from a full-on HGTV style home remodel, these small home upgrades can make a huge difference in how your home looks and more importantly - how you feel about it when you walk in the door.

So here we go, take a look at these small upgrades that will make a big difference in your home:


Paint, Paint, Paint

Possibly one of the most affordable and instantly recognizable changes you can make is painting the walls in a room. It can make a small room look bigger, brighten up a dark room, and simply refresh the style of a room. If you do this yourself it won’t cost a lot. Don’t just wing it though, you want it to look good. Take a little time and learn about techniques to make the most of your paint job.


Decorate those Windows

Here we recommend either interior shutters or higher end window blinds. The benefit is two-fold: you get some added privacy, and your windows have more character and style. You can throw in a possible third benefit of efficiency since these thicker window coverings will block more of the elements.


Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

This is a go to for affordable kitchen remodels. New kitchen cabinets can cost a lot, which is no big deal if you are committed to a full kitchen renovation and have a large enough budget. Again, Experts In Your Home specializes in that very thing! However, maybe you don’t want to redo everything but just want a more affordable option to spruce up your kitchen. If this is you, refinishing your kitchen cabinets is the way to go.

According to This Old House:

“As long as the frames and doors are structurally sound, you can clean them up and brush on some new paint—and within a weekend take that kitchen from dreary to sunny. All you need is some strong cleaner, sandpaper, a paintbrush, and a little elbow grease. What you don't need is a whole lot of money, as the transformation will cost you a fraction of even the cheapest new cabinets. Cost: About $200. “


Make a Splash with the Backsplash

While we’re in the kitchen, let’s address another simple change that can be made – adding a backsplash. A quick trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot will show you what’s out there and give you some ideas for a  backsplash. Of course you can always hire someone to install it for you, it just costs a little more. Popular ideas are subway tiles, various types of stone, and even if your name isn’t Chip or Joanna (of HGTV fame) you may want to consider a shiplap backsplash.


Fancy Fixtures

Okay, one last thing on the kitchen. It is one of the most frequented rooms in the house right? One thing you can do to add functionality and style is to upgrade your kitchen faucet. If you’re currently stuck with a simple low height faucet, consider getting one that sits higher to give you more space. Often a spray nozzle is connected at the end of these faucets, and they can add a touch of modern style to your kitchen.


Light Up a Room

Take a look around at your light fixtures and notice the shape they are in and also the style. Are they as bright as they need to be? Do they look like you’ve walked into a room in 1978? Are they cracked, weathered or just dull from years of use? Replacing light fixtures can have a dramatic effect on the style and ambiance of a room. One popular idea you should definitely consider: recessed lighting. These add a more modern day style and lighting effect that people love. Lastly, these types of lighting jobs should most likely be left to the pros, since they need to be done to code and safety is always priority #1.


Welcome Home to a New Front Door

New or refinished, it’s up to you. The front door is the place where your visitors are welcomed and is one of the most visible features of your home from the street. While you could go wild with extremely high end decorative doors, you can also make a huge difference in curb appeal and first impressions by either buying a lower priced nice front door or by refinishing your old door.


Come On Outside

Don’t forget your outdoor space! While it’s fun focusing on the inside of your home, we don’t want you to forget the great outdoors. This is not only a great place to hang out for a magical sunset dinner, but can also add much needed space when you have guests over on a nice day. If you have a deck or patio, refinishing it can make a big difference. If you don’t have either of those but want some sort of space, consider a stone/gravel combination or simple poured concrete for an affordable patio to entertain on.

Whether you're considering a full dream home remodel, or just want to make some simpler changes give us a call or contact us online for a free quote.

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