3 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Can DIY On A Budget

[fa icon="calendar"] July 02, 2019 / by Home Services Expert

kitchen backsplash - shutterstock_725918812Maybe you’ve been watching too much Fixer Upper and started getting kitchen envy after seeing some beautiful subway tile backsplashes. Unfortunately, we can’t all have the Gaines Family come to our homes, but we can come up with simple, inexpensive ways to upgrade your own kitchen.

Adding cosmetics to your kitchen, like a backsplash, can improve the price of your home. According to Forbes, improving your kitchen or bathroom are great ways to add value to the resale of your house. 


So, before you get out the grout and gloves, let’s try some easier methods that don’t require the hassle and a big budget.


Here are 3 different DIY ways to change your kitchen’s backsplash.


1.  Peel and Stick Tiles and Backsplashes


To achieve the tile or stone look without breaking the bank and your kitchen, you could try backsplashes that stick on the kitchen wall. These products are easy to find locally or online. Etsy and Amazon have some amazing and colorful options. Before this becomes too good to be true, make sure you research the stickers you plan to buy so that the adhesives stick to the walls that are in your kitchen. This method is also renter friendly!


  • To see how some of these options look in kitchens here is a blog by Andrea, Gypsy Yaya, who uses a tile sticker she got from Etsy.
  • There are many options for peel and stick tile, check out your local hardware store for some great options. Both The Home Depot and Lowe’s have a large selection online!


2.  Design your backsplash with tape or a stencil and paint away!


With this method we’re going to trick the eye. With some paint, tape or stencil and a brush you could create your own design for your backsplash. With the tape you’ll have clean lines and you don’t have to be scared of getting messy. A stencil can create the perfect design that you want for your tiles. If you want to really stretch out your dollar try the sales section at the paint store or even that paint in your garage that you might have forgotten about.


  • Infamous Rachel Ray has guests from HGTV’s “The Cousins” to show how to create a backsplash with some paint and tape in this YouTube video.
  • Two Feet First blog has a great detailed process on how she created a subway tile pattern for her backsplash.
  • Some materials that you might need:
    • Painters tape.
    • Brushes, preferably multiple sizes so you can achieve your design.
    • Primer and your choice of paint.
    • Stencil design.


3.  Upgrade your old backsplash with a new coat of paint


From bright colors to classic white, this simple upgrade can change your kitchen without any major hassle. Maybe you moved into a house that has a preexisting backsplash, you can simply upgrade that backsplash with some fresh paint of your choosing.


  • For some inspiration check out this blog, A Beautiful Mess. This blog is a lifestyle blog that gives detailed steps to the process of painting over tiles on a kitchen wall.
  • Some materials that you might need:
    • Silicon Epoxy Paint: For Kitchen appliances, countertops and sinks.
    • Etching Primer: This primer creates a base for your already existing backsplash or wall.

Upgrading your kitchen backsplash will not only add value to your home, but also create an environment that you’re proud of. Choose which one of these methods that work best for your kitchen. Need some help? Grab a friend or a partner and tackle this in less time. Or give Experts in Your Home a call – we do more than you think! 

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