Convert Your Closet Into The Space Of Your Dreams

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empty closet filled with possibilitiesDo you ever look at your closet and just wish it did more for you?

When looking at your closet, do any of the following cross your mind:

  • Whose bright idea was it to make a space this small?
  • I’m never going to be able to keep anything organized in here.
  • It’d be really cool if this was something other than a “closet.”

If so, then you’re in the right spot! We are here to go through all the different ways you can convert your closet into the space of your dreams. How you can make the space you have into something you'll find useful for the days to come.



The best way to make your closet feel useful is to convert it into your own personal workspace. Tight on space but wanting a personal office in your home? Convert one of your closets into an office! You can custom build the pieces so they fit perfectly within the closet space or you can measure and purchase a skinny desk to place within the open space. You’ll also want to add a few shelves or drawers to hold all your office supplies. Don’t forget to add some fun wallpaper for that extra pop of color!


Always wanted a crafting corner? Then that extra closet you had no need for will come in handy! Turn your empty closet into your own little crafting station for whenever creativity strikes. You’ll no longer have to hide all your crafting supplies in the back of said closet or under the bed, leaving your craft hobby out of sight out of mind.

Tip: Use a pegboard that is usually used in garages for tool organization. It can easily work as a craft station organizer!


Reading Corner

Wish you had space for library or a little reading corner? Your unwanted closet space is the perfect spot for it!

You can custom build a place to sit and a few book shelves no matter the size of the closet. If your closet space is big enough to place a chair in, then we suggest finding the comfiest reading chair you can find and placing into your closet space. Add a few shelving units or build your own! Don’t forget to add a light source and, if you can fit it, a little table to hold a snack, drink, and your book when you need a break from reading.


Sleeping Nook

Wish you had more places to lay down and relax that is hidden from the world? Build your very own sleeping nook within your closet! This way you can have a space that is as private as you want it to be.

The sleeping nook acts almost as another bedroom, all you need is to add a lamp and some floating shelves. Instead of using the closet door, hang some heavy curtains that can block out the light but can also be tied back if you want to let extra light into your little sleeping cave.


Dry Bar

If your closet is in the kitchen, hallway, or just a spare room, think about adding your own dry bar. You’ll want to start by removing the closet doors so you can always have access to it or leave the doors on if you feel like leaving a mystery as to what you have behind them.

If there aren’t any power outlets within the closet, you’ll want to think about running electricity through the walls or adding an extension cord for lightening. Find the perfect shelving, whether it’s floating or stand-alone. You’ll also need a bar, with or without cabinets, to place your glasses and accessories on.


More of a wine drinker? Check out this wine cellar build!


Laundry Room

Some closets have plumbing already built in as if they knew it was meant to be your laundry room. If there is plumbing, then you can place your washer/dryer here along with a table to fold and sort on. Think about adding a clothing rod across the top so you have a place to hang your delicates  when they need to dry!

If there isn’t any plumbing and you don’t want to spend the money to add it, your closet can still serve as a laundromat  of sorts. Add shelves to place your extra towels, laundry soap, etc. If your closet is wide enough, add a clothing rod across the top as a place to hang clothes after they’ve been washed. You can also add a laundry bag for all the dirty items you’ll need to wash that aren’t clothes.



Organize it Better

Maybe you want your closet to stay a closet. That’s 100% okay, but you probably want it to be better organized. To make your closet look and feel better you’ll more than likely need to take out any existing shelves or hanging rods and start fresh.

There are many places where you can find pieces to build a custom closet like Home Depot or The Container Store. You can also gather all the pieces you need by looking at these tips on how to better organize your closet!



We hope your mind is now swimming in possibilities of how to transform your closet into the most useful space in your home. No matter which option you choose, we wish you luck on building!

Have an idea of what you want, but don’t want to do it yourself? No worries! Have an Expert convert your closet into your dream space. We guarantee that after you’ve had Experts in Your Home complete your project you’ll be in love with it!

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