Luxury Bathroom Remodeling: How to Create Your Dream Bathroom

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luxury_bathroom_remodel_showerheadYou're a grounded, budget-conscious person. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't dream a little as you create a bathroom worthy of being showcased in a glossy bathroom remodeling magazine.

In fact, this is a key point that the bathroom remodeling team at Experts In Your Home return to time and again as they guide homeowners through the exhilarating process of bathroom remodeling.

You can (and should) balance two objectives – creating a bathroom that is functional as well as stylish – when you follow what might be called our 10-Point Guide to Creating a Dream Bathroom. After the first step, you don't necessarily have to follow this progression in order, but these steps must be addressed at some point along the way. Let our bathroom remodeling experts help you:

  • Design an efficient layout. Water lines, plumbing drains and vent stacks might guide your efforts right from the start since moving them can be a costly enterprise. Bathroom layouts generally follow a one-, two- or three-wet-wall layout, and Experts In Your Home can help you manage costs while envisioning alternatives (for example, converting a tub into a shower).
  • Incorporate luxury features to make your dream bathroom a reality. Perhaps nothing says “luxury” quite like “Jacuzzi,” but even a marble shower can replicate a spa experience with ceiling-mounted rain showers soaking you from above while vertical rows of showerheads create a soothing water massage below.
  • Select a motif. Beaches and sailboats aren't the only images that can be associated with bathrooms. Some of the most imaginative themes we have carried out sprung from a provocative painting that captured a homeowner's style and personality.
  • Spin the color wheel. Selecting a color palette for your bathroom will help guide all the decisions that follow. The psychology of color is a tangible force, capable of energizing a room with its liveliness or casting a soothing ambiance with its subtlety.
  • Choose fixtures carefully. As the workhorses in any bathroom, the toilet, tub, shower and sink deserve scrutiny for their durability. But take it from the bathroom remodeling experts at Experts In Your Home: fixtures usually are the first bathroom elements to evoke ho-hum responses if they fail to set a somewhat dramatic tone in the first place.
  • Emphasize cabinetry. Perhaps no element sets the backdrop for a luxury bath more than cabinetry, so it's worth taking the time to mull your options, even considering how a custom piece might best achieve your overall objectives (merging a practical concern such as storage with style).
  • Ponder flooring options. While it should beckon you inside with its good looks, a bathroom floor must be durable and resistant to water and slips. Let Experts In Your Home advise you of the advantages and drawbacks of some of the most popular flooring choices, including stone and ceramic.
  • Scrutinize lighting. Creating the right mood in a dream bathroom is important, but not at the risk of creating yellowish and bluish tints when you look in the mirror. Our bathroom remodeling experts can shed light on the importance of task lighting and show you, for example, how placing a light above a mirror and wall-mounted lights on either side of it can illuminate your face while eliminating shadows.
  • Soften hard elements. Texture is a crucial design element in any room, but especially a bathroom, which teems with hard surfaces. Adding towels will help, but finishing touches such as rugs, a shower curtain, window treatments and upholstered vanity stools also will soften the hard edges.
  • Add a touch of the outdoors. We're not just talking about a green-thumb addition such as a budding lily or ficus tree, although these aesthetics can warm any bathroom. Many homeowners have taught us to appreciate the psychological value of natural light in a bathroom, often through the addition of a window or skylight.

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