Popular Design Trends for a Bathroom You Don't Want to Leave

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luxury bathroomHave you ever been stunned and impressed by the design of a bathroom when you walked in? If you’ve been to the home of someone who had a flair for design and remodeled their bathroom (or any other place with an impressive bathroom) there were likely some trendy bathroom design ideas present.

We all know the basics of what is needed in a bathroom: a sink, toilet and bathtub or shower. However, upgrading your bathroom can make it into a relaxing and inspiring space rather than just a functional space.

So, here are some popular design trends to create a bathroom you don’t want to leave:

Free Standing Tub

free standing tubA traditional style free standing tub continues to be a popular “modern” throwback. These tubs are usually white and sometimes have a clawfoot feature. You can hang a shower curtain around them and use a hand shower if desired. However, the best feature of these tubs may just be the relaxing deep soak you can take.


Exposed Shower Plumbing

Showing exposed plumbing in the shower has gained popularity and gives a rustic look to any shower, especially when the plumbing is made with copper pipes.


Bold Wallpaper Patterns

There was a time when it was all about wallpaper, and then a time when it wasn’t. The desire for bold and unique patterns seems to be coming back. Whether floral or some other sort of design, adding wallpaper to even one wall in the bathroom can completely change the look and feel.


Tile that Makes a Statement

There are tile patterns for any style you can think of, so this is an area where you can either get creative yourself or work with your designer to create something stylish and memorable. This could include graphic black and white tile, a herringbone pattern, white subway tile and more.


A Fireplace In the Bathroom

Adding a small fireplace in the wall of the bathroom can add warmth and charm to your space. It’s popular to put these above the soaking tub area.


Going High Tech

From adjusting the water temperature in a steam room shower to keeping the floors warm to smart toilets, there is technology for just about every aspect of your bathroom should you want it. And who wouldn’t want to push a few buttons and have a warm floor, dim lights and the perfect water temperature?


Themed Spa Retreat Spaces

spa bathroom towelsThe overall idea behind many of these bathroom features is to create a spa like environment. This can be done in many ways but one common way is to pick a theme. Maybe you want an all marble bathroom, simple modern style or a spa-like earth tones inspired retreat with large houseplants included. Whatever your style, you can create your ideal place to relax.


Make it Yours

In the end, it’s about creating the bathroom that you enjoy and won’t want to leave. If you’re on a small budget you can make smaller changes that make a big difference (think the wallpaper mentioned earlier). If you have a larger budget you can go all out and remodel the entire bathroom. Either way, if you need help along the way call our expert contractors in the Paradise and Chico areas today!

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