2 Remodeling Projects You'll Regret Doing on Your Own

[fa icon="calendar"] November 25, 2019 / by Home Services Expert

frustrated homeownerIt’s getting more popular to remodel your home than to start looking for one that holds all the criteria you’re looking for. And why not make your current home your dream home? You’ve already put money into it, the neighborhood is good, and it holds an abundance of memories.

Depending on the places you want to remodel it’s probably best to hire a company who will not only complete your remodel but also do it right the first time. Yet, most people see it as a hefty chunk of change to spend so to help offset the costs they decide to only have the contractors complete the difficult tasks while doing the rest themselves.

If your aim is to save money, then the worst thing you could do is spend the time and money working on the remodel yourself and then wish you’d just paid a professional. Even worse? Having to pay an Expert to come fix or completely re-do what you did.

To set you up for success we’ve listed out the top two remodeling projects that are best left to an Expert, saving you the headache of wishing someone else did it instead or living with a partial dream home.


1. Floor Remodels



While it may seem like a simple task to rip your carpet out and install hardwood, it requires more skills than one would think. There are other steps to keep in mind besides precise measurements of the floor space and precise cuts of the wood. It’s important to keep in mind the type and thickness of the wood and whether or not your baseboards have to be removed completely or an undercut is needed. The goal for a hardwood floor is for a seamless transition, so knowing all the right steps is a key part and missing just one could be a recipe for disaster.


Installing new carpet may seem easy, but it’s physically taxing. The majority of your time is spent bending over and applying pressure with your arms, so if you’re prone to back or shoulder problems it’s best to leave it to an Expert. Like hardwood floors, measuring and cutting are important, but you’ll also need to glue. Choosing the wrong type of glue or gluing in the wrong spot risks the carpet peeling up, a mistake you don’t want to live with.


Who doesn’t want fun tile in their bathroom or kitchen? Unless you’ve laid tile down before, leave it to an Expert. It’s the number one do-it-yourself project that homeowners regret doing themselves. The cuts have to be more precise and getting the right grout and installing it correctly is even more important. It’s the easiest thing to mess up and everyone notices.

While you could learn how to remodel your floors by yourself with a plethora of instructional videos, it’ll go faster and be easier on your stress level to have an Expert do it.   


2. Complete Room Remodels


Whether you’re adding onto your house, expanding a room, or re-finishing the basement you are better off calling an Expert than trying to save money by doing it yourself. Unless you’ve worked in construction and know the ins and outs of how to take down or put up new walls troubleshooting the inevitable problems will be difficult. An Expert can prevent many errors from ever happening, but a beginner DIY-er will likely be in over their head.

Refinishing your basement is a fantastic way to add more space in your home, but your average basement will have the simplest installation (if any) along with possible water damage or mold. These daunting and potentially giant issues are the reasons you pay a professional to take care of it. None of the headaches, all of the rewards.


Before deciding to go about your remodel on your own, take a detailed look at your skill set and the time you have to complete your tasks. While it doesn’t initially seem like it, you can save money by having an Expert complete your remodel instead of doing it yourself.

Call Experts in Your Home today to start the process on making your current home your dream home.

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