Let Us Make Your Home Remodeling Pinterest Board Come to Life

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red pinSo you have a home remodeling project on your mind, and it may be a big one, such as one involving your master bathroom or kitchen.

In the “old days” – meaning, before the Internet – many homeowners got started by:


  • Browsing through a contractor's work portfolio or thumbing through a magazine for inspiration
  • Pointing out things they liked and disliked
  • Relying on the contractor to draft a home remodeling plan
  • Making minor tweaks along the way

Oh, how the Internet has influenced the way we do things.

With growing frequency, Californians are becoming – and staying – more deeply involved in the design process because they're eager to recreate a look they've found on the world's largest virtual cork board: Pinterest.

The Home Remodeling Experts Embrace Pinterest 

Pinterest debuted in 2011, affording people the chance to post images and instructions on virtually any topic under the sun – from decorating and home remodeling to cooking and graphic design. It became the first social network to lure more than 10 million total visitors; today, it lures about 150 million visitors every month.

Pinterest_kitchen_remodel.jpgPinterest stands out not so much because it has altered behavior. (So you've found a new ceramic floor pattern for the bathroom? Take a picture and “pin it!” Or you've lucked into finding an antique sideboard for your new kitchen? Take aim with your camera and “pin that, too!”) Pinterest stands out because of the sheer number of ideas and photos that people share on all of these topics – literally, thousands and sometimes tens of thousands on each and every one.



(source: Pinterest)

With so many home remodeling ideas to draw upon, Experts in Your Home can indeed make your Pinterest board come to life. A few pointers should help make the process infinitely smoother and more rewarding:

Pin” these Ideas


  • Set a budget – never an easy thing to do when you're trying to get a realistic handle on project costs. As a rule of thumb, home remodeling can cost $100 to $200 and even more per square foot. So estimate on the high side, and add 10 percent as a cushion.



(Source: Pinterest)

  • Find ideas whose starting points resemble your home. This is critical with Pinterest, which can showcase some truly spectacular bathrooms and kitchens – but also unwittingly create false expectations. So, for example, if you have a small bathroom without a window, set your search parameters accordingly -- and set yourself up for success right at the outset.
  • Once you find ideas you're excited about, pull the plug. If there's one common complaint about Pinterest, it's that it can quickly turn into a compulsion – and trigger the thought that “If I search through a few more screens, I might find something even better.” The reality is, you might never be able to wade through all the posted pictures on Pinterest; new pictures are posted every day. So follow your gut instinct and stop looking when you're genuinely enthused about the ideas you've found. When you're shopping
    for a car, you probably don't keep looking after you've bought one; your search is over. Do the same with Pinterest – and keep your sanity.
  • Be flexible by remaining open to alternatives and compromise. Rest assured that the Experts will focus on your home remodeling priorities and will help you achieve them. But our team is also skilled at offering design and materials options that can come close – very close – to replicating Pinterest photos while shaving considerable expense from the bottom line.
  • Realize that your finished project may look a little or even much different from where you started. This is part of the joy of undertaking a home remodeling project; call it the art of making “signature changes” that belong uniquely to you. Besides, at the end, you'll have pictures you can “pin,” too. Pinterest brings clarity to the notion that “If you can dream it, you can build it.”


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