Popular Full Scale Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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luxury_kitchen_remodelIt might feel old and tired – and you know it's out of date. For a room you spend so much time in – the room that might well be the heart of your home – your kitchen is not exactly swelling your heart with pride.

New knobs and pulls on the cabinets might help. So might new counters, the addition of some dramatic lighting and a fresh, different paint color on the walls. For these and other ideas, perhaps you've already consulted a previous article from Experts In Your Home, “Popular kitchen remodeling ideas when you're on a budget.”

In the final analysis, you've decided that only a full-scale kitchen remodeling project will reinvigorate your kitchen and properly frame the heart of your home. But where do you begin?

Let Experts In Your Home's remodeling team get you started by presenting some kitchen remodeling ideas that are trending within interior design and building circles. At this point, remember that there's no pressure to make any decisions. These come later. But since you have to start somewhere, see whether a theme, color scheme or other trending movement triggers a spark of inspiration:

Find Inspiration In a Theme

  • Transitional, or a style that balances the warmth of traditional design with the simplicity of contemporary. This balance is simpler to achieve than it may sound, as it is distinguished by several key elements: streamlined cabinets; counters and flooring made of natural materials (granite, limestone and marble); man-made, manufactured touches featured next to these natural materials for contrast; neutral colors; texture; and modest embellishments.
  • Contemporary, proving that what's “old” is new again. More than any other style, this is one that cannot – and should not – be forced. If you don't love contemporary lines, you probably will outgrow a contemporary kitchen quickly.
  • Shaker, a minimalist style that takes some cues from the traditional genre but leans more toward a contemporary feel, with straight lines and a generally uncluttered look.
  • Gourmet, for people who are serious about cooking. Gourmet kitchens often are built around a few key appliances and mimic the counter space configurations and traffic flow patterns of professional kitchens.

Find Inspiration In Color

  • Gray is being called “the new white,” leading homeowners to soften the harder look of white cabinets, counters and appliances with a more soothing backdrop. When soft grays are paired with rich wood stains, the result can be stunning.
  • Blue, from navy to pale hues. When combined with gray accents, a blue kitchen can create an alluring visual impression.
  • Black, which refuses to be sidelined, especially with many appliance manufacturers releasing black stainless steel products. To balance black's “heavy” feel, it's best to combine it with (you guessed it) gray, blue or ivory.
  • Color-blocked, or two contrasting colors that are carried out carefully throughout a kitchen, from walls and backsplashes to flooring.i

Find Inspiration In Features

  • Kitchens that integrate a small home office or work area, complete with cell phone charging docks
  • Kitchens that feature built-in coffee stations or wet bars
  • Kitchens that dispense with a large table as the traditional cornerstone and replace it with an island, small pub table or bench seating to emulate a cafe
  • Kitchens that flow seamlessly and openly from another room (especially a family room), aided by the reduction or elimination of walls and half-walls

Naturally, inspiration can spring from unexpected places as well as from a need to create a kitchen that fulfills your particular needs and carries your distinctive signature.

Whichever way you approach your kitchen remodeling project, realize that when you meet with our remodeling experts, they will come prepared with many ideas and suggestions, based on years of experience. Together, we'll get the coffee perking to create a kitchen that makes your heart swell with pride of ownership.

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