Popular Kitchen Remodeling Ideas When You're on a Budget

[fa icon="calendar"] May 23, 2016 / by Home Services Expert

kitchen backsplashYou know your kitchen needs an update, but the thought of “remodeling” makes you shudder. You imagine walls coming down, dust flying everywhere, months of inconvenience and a bill at the end of the project that makes you shudder most of all.

Just as there are many ways to cook an egg, there are many ways to update your kitchen. And all of them can be accomplished by leaving your walls intact, spawning minimal dust and inconvenience and surprising you with their affordability.

Completing rehabbing your kitchen – ripping out everything from cabinets to flooring – is only one way to remodel a kitchen. Experts In Your Home knows of many more kitchen remodeling methods – as long as you're willing to combine a few key ingredients, like the best scrambled egg casseroles. 

Here are Some Kitchen Remodeling Methods:

  • Paint, and not just on walls and the ceiling, but on cabinets, counters and floors. Some durable paint finishes (and sealers) are available to infuse your kitchen with color, and Experts In Your Home can show you them all.
  • Knobs and pulls, which can make older cabinets look like new while energizing your kitchen with renewed personality.
  • Storage or shelving, which virtually any kitchen could use. Our kitchen remodeling experts love a challenge, so even if you think you're constrained by space, they can help you devise many creative options.
  • A new sink and faucet, an underrated kitchen update if there ever was one, especially if you enjoy cooking. Extended sinks can literally change your food prep routine, and arched faucets with sprayers and dispensers can make cleanup less of a chore.
  • A new backsplash, which could send you back to comparing paint chips. But there are many materials that make alluring backsplashes, including copper, aluminum, tile, pewter and even cork.
  • Lighting, which can alter the ambiance of a kitchen. Our kitchen remodeling experts can help you improve your kitchen's functionality with smart task lighting and then highlight its special features with accent lighting. Dimmers are another commonly overlooked feature that can enhance the lighting fixtures you wish to keep.
  • Countertops, which continue to be one of the most popular projects that homeowners pursue to update a kitchen. The best part: the choice of finishes is probably more expansive than you realize, with granite and marble topping the list but concrete and metals following close behind.
  • An island, and not just the long, extended variety. It's true that you need space to accommodate an island as well as the appliances or seating that surrounds it. Kitchen remodeling specialists at Experts In Your Home can show you many ways to create smaller, imaginative islands. A provocative alternative: a small butler's pantry, with either storage below or a small refrigerator for soft drinks or wine.
  • A nook or new seating area, which is simpler to accomplish than you might think. If you have room in your kitchen for a table, you most likely have room for a bench seat (and maybe a window seat) that can give your kitchen a cafe aura.
  • New flooring, which yes, might kick up a little dust. But our customers agree that the temporary inconvenience was worth it because flooring can “frame” a kitchen in much the same way as cabinets. (A previous Experts article, “The Best Types of Flooring to Install in your Home,” can provide ideas.)
  • New appliances, which can turn any “ordinary” kitchen into one that looks custom and even professional. Many advancements have been made with stoves and ovens in particular, and Energy Star appliances can help you recoup your investment.

The kitchen remodeling specialists at Experts In Your Home have lots of ideas. Let them show you what even a few of them can do for you when you wish to “remodel” your kitchen on a budget. Contact our kitchen remodeling experts today.

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