Steps to Fix Your Garbage Disposal & Not Trash Your Plumbing in Chico

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fixing garbage disposalYour garbage disposal is a very handy and frequently used appliance. When it works correctly you very seldom notice it. If it quits for some reason you notice it quickly. Before getting all worked up about your plumbing in Chico try a few do-it-yourself fixes before calling for help.

Troubleshoot Your Plumbing in Chico - Fix that garbage disposal

Here are a few things you can try to hopefully get your garbage disposal up and running again. These are not hard to perform and most people can do these easily. Just remember; a garbage disposal can be pretty dangerous. Take steps to protect yourself at all times. Let's look at a few DIY actions:


Check to see if the device has power. If it has a cord make sure it is plugged in. If the unit is hard-wired inspect your breaker box as the breaker may have tripped. It's very embarrassing, and costly, to call a plumber and find out your plumbing in Chico problem is simply a garbage disposal issue and have him come and plug your appliance back in or trip the breaker!

Reset button

Often the device will have power but the reset button needs to be pushed. This will reset the machine and make it work again. This is another obvious thing to try.

Stuck flywheel

If you hear a "whirring" sound but nothing is happening you probably have a stuck flywheel. The blades are just not turning to chop things up. At the bottom of the machine there will be a little hole where an allen wrench will fit. The wrench should have come with the device but you can buy them at many stores. Insert the wrench and work it back and forth to free the flywheel. You can also try to stick a broom handle or something similar into the disposal to dislodge the flywheel. Never use your hands for this chore. 


Even though garbage disposals chop things up they will get clogged and interrupt your plumbing in Chico from time to time. It's often easy to unclog the appliance by running water in it and turning it on and off a few times. If the clog is persistent you may have to use a plunger to loosen whatever is causing the clog. A plumber's snake, or auger, can also be used to free any clogs. As a last resort, Drano, or some other chemical drain opener can be tried but these are dangerous and generally not good for your plumbing in Chico.

Electrical issues

There may be times when you have an electrical issue with your disposal. There might be an overload or some sort of similar problem that makes the machine quit. You can always try the reset button to make the machine work again. If you suspect some kind of electrical issue it might be wise to call a service technician to take a look at the issue.

You need your garbage disposal so all of your plumbing in Chico works properly

It goes unnoticed most of the time. But when your garbage disposal decides to quit, for whatever reason, you will take notice quickly. Don't fret too much though. By taking the steps outlined above you may be able to get the unit back up and running without calling a repair technician.

Be careful though. Garbage disposals can be fairly dangerous machines if they are not respected properly. If you have a larger issue with your plumbing, such as a broken garbage disposal you can't fix, don't hesitate to call a Chico plumber. If your DIY fixes don't work a plumber surely will!

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