Flush Toilet Problems Yourself Before Calling a Plumber in Chico

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Empty Toilet Paper RollYour toilet is one of the most used items in your home. You probably never realize how important a toilet is until you have problems with it. Before rushing to call a plumber in Chico there are a number of things you can try to get your toilet operational again. These do-it-yourself (DIY) fixes just might save you time and money.

DIY Toilet Fixes

Following are some of the things you can do to get a toilet back online. These fixes are not that hard and just about any homeowner can perform them. Let's look at some of the issues and things you can try:

Running Toilets 

    • Move the handle used to flush the toilet to and fro. This might do the trick. If this stops the water you might have to adjust the chain in the tank. Or the chain may have to be replaced either by you or a plumber in Chico.
    • The ballcock, or float, might be making contact with the inside of the tank or another part of the inner workings of the toilet. It should float on top of the water. Bend the metal arm that the float is attached to so that it's free from touching anything.
    • Check to see if the float has water in it for some reason. You may have to drain the water or buy a new float that does not leak. 
    • The flapper might not be making good contact with the hole that allows water to flow in the bowl. Check to see if this is the case. You may have to adjust the chain connected to it or replace the flapper. 
    • Bending the arm the float is attached to up or down might be necessary to stop the flow of water. Be careful not to break the metal arm when bending it.

Clogged Toilet

    • A plunger is the best way to unclog a stopped up toilet. Before using the plunger make sure there is enough water in the bowl to cover the head of the device. This allows it to operate properly. If you need to add water to the bowl don't flush the toilet. It could overflow. Add water using a bucket or pail. Pump the plunger vigorously. This may dislodge the clog and get the toilet working again, keeping you from having to call a plumber in Chico.
    • A plumber's snake can be used to try and unclog the toilet. This auger-type device rotates to eat into the clog and helps to free it. You can also try a coat hanger to try and reach the clog. These are both a little messy but may free the clog.

Water Leaking

    • Check all water connections to the toilet. Something may be loose that allows water to leak. 
    • If the leak is from the floor, the wax ring on the bottom of the toilet may be worn. The toilet can be picked up and a new ring can be installed fairly easily.

Toilet Seat

    • The toilet seat can be easily replaced by unscrewing the two bolts holding it down. This is a simple action you can do without needing the help of a plumber in Chico.
    • There are several kinds of toilet seats. Make sure to measure and get the correct size seat for your toilet.

Fixing a Toilet Can be Easy

If your toilet gives you trouble, don't just automatically call a plumber in Chico. Figure out what the issue is and try one of the fixes listed above. If you can't resolve the issue you can always call for help.

Your plumbing will give you problems every now and then. If it's a toilet try to fix if yourself first. You might save some time and money. But if you feel like the issue is more than you can handle, don’t hesitate to call a Chico plumber at Experts In Your Home. We offer a comprehensive 27 point plumbing inspection.


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