Quick Clog Fixes if Your Plumbing in Chico is Backed Up

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person using plungerSooner or later it's going to happen! Your plumbing is going to get backed up. When this happens don't rush to call a Chico plumber. Don't panic either. There are some quick and easy things you can try to unclog your system. They are not hard to do and any homeowner can usually make these work.

Fix Those Clogs Affecting Your Plumbing in Chico

Following are a number of things you can do to help unclog your plumbing system. If these don't work you will be forced to call a plumber for help. Try these simple fixes first and they might just do the trick. Here are some suggestions:

Bathroom sinks

A bathroom sink will generally get clogged up by hair. We all lose hair and there is generally nothing we can do about it. Over time our hair may get clogged in the drain and stop it up. A plumber's snake is the best way to try and unstop a clogged bathroom sink. The snake is just a long metal rod twisted like a spring. It is inserted in the drain and turned by its handle to help grab the hair. You can then pull it out. A plunger can also be tried but may not work the best on hair clogs. As a last resort you can try Drano or some other type of chemical drain opener. These substances are dangerous to people and can harm pipes.


A clogged toilet is generally a big mess and not fun to deal with. The easiest way to unclog a stopped up toilet is with a plunger. Make sure there is enough water in the toilet to cover the head of the plunger or it won't work correctly. If there is not enough water add water by using a bucket or other container. Don't flush the toilet as it might overflow. The back and forth action of the plunger may cause the clog to break loose. If not, you can try a plumber's snake but be warned this will be a very messy job.

Kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks are usually stopped up by grease that has cooled and expanded in your pipes. That grease then catches other particles and adds to the problem. The best way to prevent problems with your kitchen plumbing in Chico is to keep the sink from getting clogged in the first place by not putting grease down the drain. Once clogged a plunger can be used to try and unclog the drain. The plumber's snake can again be used as it might easily clear the pipe. Again, Drano or something similar can be used, but be very careful using any product such as this.


Your bathtub will probably have the same issue as the bathroom sink, hair. Pull off the grate that covers the drain and try the same things as you would with a bathroom sink. This will hopefully work and keep your bathroom plumbing in Chico working efficiently.

Larger pipes

If one of the larger pipes in your home is clogged this might be a bigger issue. A plunger and the plumber's snake can be tried but the clog might be more than these can handle. Drano is a real issue here also. The amount of substance you have to pour in your system to unclog the drain might damage your pipes. You might be forced to call a plumber.

Try it Yourself First

When you have a clog in your plumbing system don't rush to call the plumber. Using the tips above try to clear out the problem with your plumbing in Chico yourself. If those don't work then call the plumbers at Experts In Your Home. To learn more download our free eBook below:

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