DIY Fixes for Plumbing Leaks Before Calling a Chico Plumber

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plumbing leakSooner or later in your home, you are going to run into some kind of plumbing leak. If this happens, don't panic. There are several do-it-yourself fixes for the situation that can save you from having to call a plumber in Chico immediately. You can try a few simple repairs and hopefully avoid a big plumbing bill.

Some considerations

Before you attempt to fix any plumbing leak yourself there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. Knowing these could save you from a plumbing disaster. 

  • Know where the main cutoff valve for the water is to your home. If something goes terribly wrong you will at least be able to cut the water off until help arrives.
  • There are devices you can hook up to your plumbing system that alert you when larger amounts of water are being used. These will even cut the water off for you if very big leaks occur.
  • You can put individual cutoff valves around your home to isolate some areas. In this way you don't have to turn off the water to the entire home. 
  • You will have to judge the size of the leak. If it's too large just call a plumber.


DIY fixes for leaks before calling a Chico Plumber

Below are a few things you can try if you have a plumbing leak. These are not hard and could save you from a large repair bill. Again, inspect the leak and determine if a DIY fix is in order. 


There are several kinds of tape that can be wrapped around a small leak. Duct tape and electrical tape can be used. Take care to cover the entire leak. Also, make sure the tape makes good contact with the pipe so no pockets form where water can gather. This might cause the tape to lose grip.


This material works best at joints and fittings. Before applying it to the leak make sure to drain the water, dry the pipes and clean the area with steel wool. Epoxy makes a very tight seal.

Pipe clamp

Make sure your clamp is the correct size for the pipe. Wrap the leak area in a rubber pad first. Screw the clamp over the rubber pad. This method will also help stop larger leaks, but if the leak seems out of your control it’s best to just call a plumber in Chico.

Hose clamp

A hose clamp works the same way as a pipe clamp but it is used on smaller leaks. Again, wrap the leak with a rubber pad and screw on a hose clamp, or even several, over the rubber pad. 

C-Clamp and block

A c-clamp and a small block of wood can be used to stop a small leak. A small rubber pad needs to be put over the leak to start with. Then a small block or strip of wood is put over that. The c-clamp is used to hold it all in place. The block of wood protects the pipe from the pressure of the clamp. 

Teflon tape

If a faucet is leaking, this can be a little tricky. It might be stripped and you will have to replace it. Unscrew the faucet after turning the water off. Try some teflon tape around the threads. This might stop the leak. 


Try DIY first

Before calling a Chico plumber try one of the DIY fixes listed above. They are fairly easy for anyone to try and they just might save you a big repair bill. Just take your time fixing your leak and possibly save some money.

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