How to Make Sure Your Plumbing in Chico is Ready for Winter

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cold faucet knobThe colder part of the year is fast approaching. It's already fall and the temperatures are getting a little cooler. Before the winter season arrives it's best to take steps to ensure your plumbing is in good working order.

While the winters in this area are not extremely cold the mercury can dip pretty low at times. When you are staring at a broken water pipe or other plumbing issue all you can do is call a plumber in Chico. It's best to take steps ahead of time and head off issues before they arise.

Winterize your plumbing

Before your are forced to call a plumber in Chico here are some things you can do to get your home ready for the cold winter season:


Leaking pipes

If you have any leaking pipes now is the time to fix them. Of course, any time you have a leaking pipe it should be tended to promptly but if you have let the situation linger address the issue before it gets cold. Check both inside and outside for leaks. If pipes freeze, whether they are outside or even inside, such as in your attic or crawlspace, the damage to surrounding pipes is likely to be significant. If pipes are insulated check the insulation for wet spots that could indicate a leak.

Insulate exposed pipes

Exposed pipes outside the home need to be insulated. Uncovered pipes in the attic, crawlspace and garage need insulation also. If you can see the pipe it needs to be insulated in any of these areas. Pipe insulation is very inexpensive and something you can do on your own without calling a plumber in Chico. It can save you many larger issues down the road.

Outdoor faucets

Faucets and hose bibs need to be insulated also. If you have hoses connected to these disconnect them and store them for the winter. This will ensure that no water is left standing in them that could freeze. Frozen faucets can lead to bigger damage to surrounding plumbing.

Sprinkler systems

You will need to turn off the water to your sprinkler system and drain the pipes. Standing water in the lines can freeze. Turn the water off to the entire system and turn each valve on to ensure water drains from the pipes.

Pump house

If you have a well and a pump house associated with it take steps to winterize it. The entire pump house should be properly insulated as well as any exposed pipes in the pump house. A heat source may be needed to keep the temperature of the pump house above freezing. 

Where's the shut off valve?

Know where to go to shut your water off in case of an emergency. If something bad happens you will want to be able to cut your water supply off quickly, even before needing to call a plumber in Chico. This will help minimize the damage. 


Be cautious, but practical

This is not Alaska. In that cold climate you know bitter winter cold is coming and drastic steps need to be taken to winterize your home and plumbing system.

In Northern California it will get plenty cold but not generally bitterly cold. Take the necessary steps to protect your plumbing, keeping in mind how cold it gets here. 

Get it ready

Take steps now to winterize your plumbing. When the temperature is freezing and you have issues it will be too late. You will be forced to call a Chico plumber.

Enjoy your Northern California winter. And make sure you don't have any plumbing issues by winterizing your system before it's too late!

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