5 DIY Tips to Try Before Calling a Plumber in Chico

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When you have a plumbing issue in your home don't just rush to call for help. Many problems can be handled by you without ever having to call a plumber. Knowing just a few tips and tricks could save you hundreds of dollars, or more, in plumbing bills. Before calling a Chico plumber see if you can handle the situation yourself.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) plumbing tips

Let's look at some simple and straightforward things any homeowner can try before calling a plumber in Chico:

1.  Leaks

Often, leaks are more of a nuisance than a very large issue. Over time though, these leaks can turn into bigger issues. They also waste water which just costs you money. Check for leaks where pipes join to each other and hoses connect to faucets. If a leak is obvious you can repair it with fiberglass repair tape or plumber's putty. While this may be only a temporary fix it might buy you some time. If the leak is behind a wall, under the floor or in the attic you may need to call a plumber in Chico.

2.  Clogs

Clogged drains are probably the reason most often cited for calling a plumber. You can often unclog a drain yourself though. Try using a plunger to free the clog. Make sure you have a good seal and use plenty of force on the plunger. If this does not work you can check the trap under the sink. It is generally at the bottom of the bend in the pipes. Turn the water off and put a bucket under the pipes to catch the remaining water. Loosen the couplings and clean the drain. Try to avoid drain cleaners as they are dangerous and can cause harm to your pipes, and yourself. You can also try to "snake" the drain yourself if you are equipped for it.

3.  Toilet

A constantly running toilet wastes plenty of water and is just plan aggravating. Before calling a plumber in Chico try jiggling the handle first. If this does not work check out the inside of the tank. The lift chain may be wrapped around the lift arm and just need to be straightened out. The float may be just above the water. Bend the arm downward to ensure it makes the water shut off. The flapper at the bottom of the tank might not be making a good seal around the drain hole. It may have to be adjusted.

4.  Garbage disposal

There is a reset switch under the bottom of the disposal. Try the switch first. There may just be a hard item, such as a spoon or fork, caught in the device. Unplug the disposal, reach your hand in, carefully and with the breaker turned off, and see if you find anything. 

5.  Water heater

Sediment builds up in water heaters causing issues with the appliance. Cut the power to the machine if it is electric. On gas machines set it to "Pilot" or turn the gas off. Turn off the cold water to the heater. It's at the top. There will be a place to hook a hose up to the water heater. Do this and turn on the value to drain the machine. 

DIY first

Be sure to find where your water cut-off valve is. Turning the water off can be vital if you have a plumbing concern. Knowing a few tricks can possibly save yourself a good chunk of change money.  

If you have a minor plumbing issue try some of the things listed above before calling a plumber in Chico. You may be able to fix the problem or at least buy yourself some time before tackling the problem. If you need expert help call our plumbers. We offer a comprehensive 27 point plumbing inspection to find any current plumbing issues and to help you avoid plumbing issues in the future.


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