Helpful Terms to Know Before Calling a Chico Plumber

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DictionaryAt some point you are going to need plumbing help in your home. It's just inevitable that you will have an issue on occasion with some part of your plumbing system. Pipes, drains, water heaters and more are going to need repairing and replacing from time to time.

Know Some Terms

When an issue arises it's time to call for help. Before you call a Chico plumber it's best to get to know a few plumbing terms so you can give the service company some pertinent information before they get to your home. Being able to properly describe what's wrong may save time and an extra trip or two to get needed supplies. 

A List of Terms

Below is a list of terms that are good to know when it comes to plumbing. When you have an issue and need to call a plumber in Chico you will be able to speak with some knowledge of the problem. 

  • ABS - This is the rigid black pipe used for drain, waste and vent lines. If you must know...the term stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene!
  • Access panel - A covered hole in the wall, ceiling or maybe the floor, near a fixture, that allows access to fix the system.
  • Backflow preventer - A device that keeps water from flowing back into the potable water supply. These are generally required on sprinklers, kitchen sprayers and handheld showers.
  • Ballcock - The valve that controls the flow of water from the supply line into your toilet. It is controlled by a float in the water reservoir. 
  • Cleanout plug - A plug in a pipe or drain that allows access so the pipe or drain can be cleaned.
  • Elbow - A fitting that is angled to change the direction of the water line.
  • Fixture - The nuts and bolts of your plumbing system that supplies andor disposes of water. These include sinks, toilets and tubs.
  • Flapper valve - Generally a rubber flap at the bottom of the toilet that allows water to flow from the tank in the toilet bowl.
  • Float ball - The ball that is connected to the ballcock that rises and falls as the water level changes in the toilet tank.
  • Gasket - A flat disk, made of some type of fiber or rubber, that provides a watertight seal between joints.
  • GPM- Stands for gallons per minute, as in the flow from showers and faucets.
  • GPF - Denotes gallons per flush for a toilet.
  • Johnnie Bolt - A bolt that holds the toilet to the floor.
  • Main - The major water supply or drain system that all plumbing system branches connect to.
  • Nipple - A short length of pipe that connects couplings or fittings.
  • PVC - This stand for polyvinyl chloride. It is white or cream colored and is used in non-pressure plumbing systems, such as drains and waste.
  • Service entrance - This is where the water company's supply is connected to your water meter.
  • Tee - A fitting in the shape of a "T" used to create branch lines.
  • Valve - Any device that regulates the flow of water.
  • Water Meter - A device used to measure water usage by your household.
  • Wye- A "Y" shaped fitting, used much as a "T,” to create a branch line.

Your plumber in Chico will know all the terms listed above, and many more. It's best for you to at least become familiar with a few plumbing terms so that when you need to call for help you can converse somewhat intelligently with the plumber.

Knowing a few plumbing terms will hopefully save some headache and help you have a better experience if you need a plumber in Chico

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