Common Flushing Questions No One Wants to Ask

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pulling toilet paperWhen you search in Google “common toilet questions” all that comes up are the common issues that people have with their toilet or ways to fix your toilet.

What happens if you just want to know the answer to some of the majorly debated questions such as: if it’s yellow do you really let it mellow or is it gross to flush with the toilet seat up? We have you covered with the flushing questions that range from basic etiquette to flushing fixes.


How Much Toilet Paper is Too Much?

While toilet paper is made to be flushed down the toilet, it’s safe to say there can be overuse. The question is what is too much? This question has been answered by so many over time, all with their own opinion on the matter. The most common answer that comes up in all debates is anywhere from 4-8 squares of toilet paper. Any more and you risk clogging the toilet simply because you didn’t count your squares.

If for any reason you feel you need more, you can double flush (do your business, wipe, flush, wipe and flush again). Better to waste a little water than risk a clog.


Do I Have to Flush Every Time or Just for Number 2?

The debate on whether or not to leave it mellow if it’s yellow has gone back for decades. Water conservationists have said that it will save you money in the long run and there really is no harm in leaving it. Here are 8 reasons in favor of the ‘when it’s yellow let it mellow’ concept.

When would you not let it mellow?

  • In a public restroom, you don’t want to see anyone else’s so make sure you flush yours.
  • At work, be professional and leave the water saving for home.
  • Does it smell? Eating things like asparagus is no joke, don’t subject others to that smell.


Do I Have to Place the Lid Down Before I Flush?

While no one is making you close the lid every time you flush, there isn’t a reason out there that supports flushing with the lid up. In fact, there have been scientific studies done that flushing with the lid up is just asking for “toilet plume” to shoot unwanted particles into the air and onto the seat. Say to no to gems and just take the extra three seconds it takes to put the seat down before you flush.


I Accidentally Flushed [Fill in the Blank], How Do I Retrieve it?

This happens more than you would think, so much so that we found a step-by-step retrieval process you can follow.

 If you come back from the step-by-step retrieval process and say:

  1. “I tried it all and still couldn’t retrieve my item!”
    • Call the Experts and let’s see if some professional help is all you need before worrying that all is lost.
  2. “That looks like too much work, what else can I do?”
    • Call an Expert in Your Home to schedule someone to come out and retrieve your item.


What Do I Do with My Feminine Products?

It doesn’t matter what the box says, neither item should be flushed. Your toilet may be able to take it for awhile, but over time there will be a buildup in the system (especially in septic tanks) and you’ll end up paying to fix it. 

Your feminine products should be wrapped in toilet paper and thrown in the garbage located next to the toilet [Note: if you don’t have one next to the toilet put one there!] When you wrap them in toilet paper no one in the house, office, or public restroom has to see what it is, which everyone thanks you for.


Baby Wipes are Like Toilet Paper for Babies, Right?

WRONG. Baby wipes are in the column of “never never flush down the toilet.” Baby wipes don’t break down and will cause problems in your pipes. Problems in your pipes means a call to an Expert, which means money spent that could have been avoided.


It’s Clogged, Now What?

A clogged toilet is never fun. The moment it truly becomes nerve-racking is when you debate whether or not to try flushing again, hoping it will work itself out. More often than not it just makes it worse and the water rises to the top of the bowl, all the while you're praying and crossing your fingers it doesn’t overflow. 

When the inevitable happens, you can try unclogging it with a toilet plunger or an auger. If you don’t have either of those tools, try unclogging it with one of these 6 steps. If none of them work, you’ll need to call an Expert in Your Home to fix your problem for you!


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