How the Water Heater Affects Your Plumbing in Chico and What You Can Do About it

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water heater maintenanceYour water heater is one of the most important items in your home. Having hot water is essential for cooking, showering, cleaning, washing and so many other things. The way your water heater affects your plumbing in Chico is a big deal in your household. Keep this appliance working properly and keep your plumbing in top shape also.

Let's look at a few ways a water heater affects your plumbing in Chico

The biggest affect your water heater can have on your plumbing is if it begins to get filled and clogged with mineral deposits. These substances can coat the heating element(s) in the appliance keeping it from producing adequate hot water. Your heater works harder and produces less and less hot water, meaning you have less and less hot water to run your household. This can have a profound effect on your entire plumbing system. Your water heater will have to be replaced, and probably sooner than its expected lifespan due to the mineral issues. The best way to combat this is to drain your water heater once or twice a year. 

  • If you have mineral deposits in your water heater tank they will flow into your entire plumbing system as hot water is used. This will eventually lead to mineral deposit buildup in your pipes as well. After time your pipes may have enough buildup in them to restrict water flow, of both hot and cold water. This also has a big impact on your plumbing system as the pipes will have to be cleaned or replaced in time. You need to use pipe cleaners to keep your pipes flowing. Keep in mind these pipe cleaners are dangerous and over time they also will affect your plumbing in Chico.
  • Low water pressure in your system can occur because of issues with your water heater. There are many reasons for this and it will probably take a plumber to sort it all out. One thing you can easily check is the shut-off valve near the water heater. It might not be fully open. Issues with the water heater are not easy to troubleshoot and should be left to professionals.
  • Where the water heater is placed in the house can have a big affect on your plumbing in Chico. If the device is located on one end of the house it takes the hot water a long time to get to the other end of the home. You have to run a lot of cold water to get to the hot water! This wastes water and puts more stress on pipes and the system in general. Long runs of pipe are more susceptible to mineral buildups, leaks and other issues. If possible locate the water heater in a central location or even install a small water heater closer to where it will be needed. 

Call an Expert if You Need to

Now you’re aware of a few ways your water heater can affect your plumbing in Chico. The big thing for you is to stay on top of the issues that a water heater can cause. By paying attention to things you can stop many issues before they even get started, or at least delay them for awhile.

If you have any questions or concerns at all don't hesitate to call a licensed Chico plumber at Experts In Your Home. They can give you the peace of mind in knowing your water heater is working as well as it can. 

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