How to Start Your Home Remodeling Project

[fa icon="calendar"] June 02, 2021 / by Home Services Expert

couple designing home remodelFor many homeowners, everything starts out feeling right when they purchase a new home. They may love the location, the lot size and trees, the schools nearby, possibly even their neighbors. But as time goes on many feel the house they’re in just isn’t cutting it anymore. Maybe this is because of a growing family or extended family that now lives with them. It could also be due to the aging materials of the home and the desire for a newer look and feel.

Whatever the situation, the option of home remodeling is very appealing for the reasons listed above (location, schools, lot, neighbors) and more. But starting a remodeling project can be intimidating.

To help you out, here are some tips on how to start your home remodeling project:



When you’re just starting to think about a remodeling project, dreaming is an important first step. If you had your choice, what would your dream home include? This is important because as you will have to narrow your dreams down into something realistic, this step can help you end up with the things you want the most.

Maybe you imagine walking into a beautiful entryway with a large custom front door. Or perhaps a kitchen with a large island countertop is high on your list.  Maybe you really want a rainfall or steam walk-in shower. Whatever it is you dream about your home having, here’s the chance to write it down.


Get Ideas

There is no shortage of resources for getting home remodeling ideas in today’s world. Want some hands on ideas? Take a trip to the local home improvement store. Want more selection? Look around online. Want pictures of finished remodels that will help you narrow down what you want? Check out Pinterest or Houzz. With so many sources of inspiration, you can’t go wrong by looking at what’s out there.


Determine Wants & Needs

Identifying your wants and comparing that to what you need is an important step. When you get to the budgeting part, you may find that every item on your list won’t be exactly as you want it in this particular remodel. Making a list of wants and needs doesn’t mean you won’t end up with what you want, it just means you won’t miss the things you need the most.

For example, do you absolutely need a larger kitchen because of the constant collisions between family members? You may have to make the choice between a smaller more luxurious kitchen or a larger kitchen with fewer features, depending on your budget.

Figuring out what is a want vs. what is a need is an important step, and don’t forget to be creative – rather than giving up on any particular feature, try and figure out if it can be included at a lower cost or added down the road.


Figure Out the Budget 

Looking at the remodeling budget can seem intimidating and isn’t often considered the fun part. Aside from the peace of mind staying within a healthy budget will give you, it also will really help channel your dreams, wants and needs into a better perspective. As you consider what you can afford, it can even be helpful to speak with your financial advisor on an overall household budget first. If you have a lot of money to play with, it’s still important to set some parameters on your remodel so you know you’re making a good investment.


Speak to a Home Remodeling Contractor

The next step is to take action and get the remodeling process started. You will want a reliable and trustworthy home remodeling contractor to do the job. Your contractor can help you figure out how to make your remodel happen within budget. At Experts In Your Home, we specialize in being on time and on budget. Give us a call or contact us online today to get your remodel started!

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