Why You Need to Know Where the Water Shut-Off Valve is for Your Plumbing in Chico

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flooded bathroomIt's a lovely evening. You have your entire family gathered around the dinner table for a nice family meal. This does not happen very often! Then...all of a sudden water starts to pour out of the ceiling in the kitchen. Obviously something has gone wrong with your plumbing in Chico. What do you do now?

Turn the water off

Of course, the most practical thing to do at this point is to turn the water off where it comes into your home. You want to stop as much damage as possible. Stopping the flow of water into your home is the biggest priority at this juncture.

That brings up a very big question. Do you, and really every member of your family, know where the shut-off valve is for the water supply to your home? Chances are the answer to that question is a big no!

In the case of a plumbing emergency it's imperative that each member of your family knows where the shut-off valve for the home's water supply is located and how to turn it off. How important is it that everyone knows how to cut the water off as quickly as possible?

Plumbing in Chico - Turn your water supply off quickly in an emergency

In a water emergency many gallons of water can flow into your home in a very short period of time. A 3/4" pipe at average water pressure can dump 23 gallons of water per minute into your home. Think about that for a second. That's a lot of water.

If it takes you 15 minutes to find the water valve to cut it off, 345 gallons of water will have flowed into your home. Even worse, what if you can't find the shut-off and have to call for help? If it takes help an hour to arrive…that's 1,380 gallons of water that has flowed into your home. Truly catastrophic!

What's the plan?

The plan is a pretty simple one. Make sure you, and everyone in your family, knows where the shut-off valve is for your plumbing in Chico and how to turn it off. Don't take any chances here. If you are not 100% certain how to do this call a plumber. As a matter of fact, just for peace of mind for you and your family it is probably better to call a professional to help you out in the matter. 


The plumber has the knowledge and expertise to give you all the facts about your water and cutting it off. They will know where the valves are and just exactly what to do. There may be considerations if you have city water or a private well. There may be a cut off valve for the home and one for the city, or both. To be sure, and safe, call on a professional for help.

Cover all the bases when dealing with cutting off your water supply

Your plumbing in Chico is an integral part of your home. Your home wouldn't be worth much without its water supply. If it's part of the home there are times that things can go awry. 

While a major water emergency in your home is not likely to happen it's best to be prepared just in case it ever does. This requires that every member of the family know how to cut the water supply off to the home quickly.

If you have any doubts about where the shut-off valve is for your plumbing, call on a professional Chico plumber to help you out. Be ready in case the unthinkable happens. It just might save your home from catastrophic damage. 

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