Why Choose Experts In Your Home for Your Chico Heating Repairs?

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family in living roomIf you're new to the Chico area, then you know you have to put first things first.

You have to find a bank. You have to figure out where your favorite grocery stores are located. You should learn how to get to the nearest hospital and emergency clinic. And you probably should identify a mechanic who can change the oil in your car and perform repairs.

Daily life goes more smoothly when you're prepared to deal with life's expected and unexpected events, including heating repairs to your heating, ventilation and cooling system. Now that winter is approaching, learn why your neighbors have made Experts in Your Home the premier HVAC company in the Chico area.

First, We Help You Troubleshoot to See If You Need any Heating Repairs

The expert technicians at the Experts work with HVAC equipment every day. We realize that you don't. So unless you're in the throes of a bona fide emergency – such as a fire in the heat exchanger – we prefer to walk you through a few troubleshooting steps before dispatching a technician. It's more than a gesture of goodwill; it's a good way to educate you so that you know exactly what to do “the next time” you encounter a problem with your HVAC system.

So before you jump to the conclusion that you need a heating repair, we will recommend that you:

  • Double-check that your gas service is functioning and that the valve on your furnace is turned “on.”
  • Confirm that your furnace's power switch is turned “on.”
  • Ensure that your thermostat is set for “heat.”
  • Check that the pilot light or ignition source is functioning.
  • Remove the filter and replace it with a new one if it's choked with dust.
  • Trip the circuit breaker dedicated to your furnace.
  • Hit the furnace reset button.

Second, We Stand Up to Scrutiny

If these steps fail to get your furnace up and running, it may indeed need a repair. Like many homeowners, you may turn to industry experts, who offer some sound advice about how to find a HVAC company with whom you can develop a long-term relationship:

Tip No. 1: Choose a company that has a physical address (since some shady companies operate only out of a truck).

Experts In Your Home is located right here in Chico at 1750 Humboldt Road. From this location we serve our customers, who live in Chico & surrounding areas including Corning, Durham, Orland, Oroville, Paradise and Red Bluff. Experts in Your Home also has a toll-free number: 1-888-304-4674.

Tip No. 2: Select an HVAC company with a long and credible track record in your community.

Experts In Your Home has been serving the Chico area for more than 65 years. Some people also refer to us by our “other” name – The Hignell Companies – and this is OK, too. Experts In Your Home is the services division of Hignell.

Tip No. 3: Verify that the company is licensed.

Experts In Your Home holds a general building contractor license (No. 143778) with nine supplemental classifications, including electrical, painting and decorating, plumbing and roofing. Our contractors hold the appropriate license in their field, too.

Tip No. 4: Verify that the company has insurance.

Experts In Your Home is always happy to show proof of our general liability insurance (which protects the property we're working on) as well as workers' compensation (which covers employees).

Tip No. 5: Insist on a company that is highly recommended by friends, neighbors and coworkers.

Experts In Your Home is fortunate to have served more than three generations of families in the Chico area, so chances are good that someone you know has called us for service. Talk with them and learn how our high work standards and commitment to our customers' well-being make us a rarity among HVAC companies. After all, like you, we know how to put first things first.

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