Common Tools to Have on Hand to Tackle Issues with Your Plumbing in Chico

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plumbing toolsFrom time to time you will have to deal with an issue with your plumbing in Chico and it would be great if you could try and do-it-yourself, right? One of the key things in handling any problems will be having the proper tools on hand to do the job.

While many of the tools needed are common and can be used on many household projects a few will be specific for plumbing uses only. Making sure you have a wide array of familiar tools will give you the ability to handle almost any plumbing job.

Tools needed when doing DIY repairs for your Plumbing in Chico

Let's look at some of the more typical tools used in plumbing repair and other related issues:


You will need several types of plungers to handle plumbing problems around the home. These are used to unclog drains in sinks, toilets and tubs. Use a cup plunger for sinks and tubs. A flange plunger is used for toilets the water won’t splash. If those two don't work a bellow's plunger may be needed.


There are several types of augers that will be needed for issues you may be having with your plumbing in Chico. A closet auger is a 3-foot tool with a crank, handle and flexible shaft with an auger on the end. A hand auger, also known as a plumber's snake, is a sturdier model of the closet auger. It has a larger hand crank and a steel cable of 1/4 inch. Both of these are used to grab and clear clogs from toilets, sinks and tubs.

Caulking gun

This is a metal frame that holds a tube of caulk. The caulk is used to seal cracks and seams along tubs, showers and other areas. This keeps water from seeping into areas where it does not belong.

Allen wrenches

These are L-shaped tools with a hexagonal head. They are also known as hex wrenches. Allen wrenches are mainly used to freeze up stuck or frozen garbage disposals. But they can be used in other instances when a hex screw has been installed.

Pipe wrenches

Pipe wrenches are the workhorses of the plumbing world. This wrench has one fixed jaw and another that moves as it's adjusted by a fixed screw. The serrated grips on this tool grabs a pipe. They are usually used in tandem with one gripping and holding the pipe and the other used for turning. 


This device is a metal frame that holds a blade. The blade cuts through just about anything you run into in the plumbing world; PVC and metal pipe, nuts, bolts and other materials.

Channel-lock pliers

This tool also has serrated jaws placed at a right-angle to each other. They are used for gripping and turning. They can also be used for holding nuts and bolts. 


A couple different size  hammers can be useful for issues with your plumbing in Chico. Sometimes things just need a little tap to break them loose from being stuck. Use a smaller hammer on small pipes and parts and a larger one on bigger materials.

Tape measure

You will often have to measure something when dealing with plumbing issues. You will have to know how long or how big around a piece of material is. A tape measure is indispensable. 

Have the right tools for your plumbing in Chico

When dealing with plumbing issues it's always good to have the proper tools. This will make any repair much easier.

The list above is a good reference for the tools you will need. All can be found at hardware and home-improvement stores and in total they should not cost more than a couple hundred dollars. Have the proper tools and do a proper job with your plumbing issues. Of course, if you do run into a problem with your plumbing that is just beyond your skills and knowledge, you can always contact a Chico plumber at Experts In Your Home to help. We will come inspect your plumbing with our comprehensive 27 point plumbing inspection. 

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