Living Through a Home Remodel: Tips to Make it Easier on Your Family

[fa icon="calendar"] November 17, 2020 / by Home Services Expert

home remodel in processIf you have had any home remodeling completed in the past, you know how projects can disrupt everyday life. This can take a toll on everyone living in the home- especially when remodeling tasks take longer than anticipated. Try some tips that facilitate your remodeling projects, while keeping things moving forward as swiftly as possible. Consider these creative ways to keep your remodeling process as painless as possible for everyone in the home.

Reconfigure Living Spaces Accordingly

Make remodeling or renovating easier by surrendering to the fact that you will need to reconfigure living arrangements accordingly. Face facts: if your kitchen is being renovated, you will likely lose access to it. For this reason, plan ahead and transform a spare bedroom or home office into a makeshift kitchen well before you need it. While this may alleviate stress and inconvenience on those that live in the home during the remodeling, it may also help move the projects along more swimmingly.

Stay at a Hotel

Give in and go get a room at a nearby hotel or extended-stay lodging. Kids will be excited and loved ones will feel pampered when you all pack a bag and leave for the week- or two- that the remodeling may take. If projects are going to be prolonged, go to an area hotel for a break and a change of pace. It makes sense to leave home when projects like flooring replacement or painting are going to take place.

Send Pets on Holiday

Construction, carpentry, and remodeling can cause stress on pets too. Having strangers come in and out of the home combined with odd sounds can cause them to misbehave or even try to flee. Send your pets on a holiday at a local boarding kennel or a dear friend’s home. Try to socialize them with other pets or people- but also make sure they will have quiet, calm spaces to relax and recuperate during their time away.

Create a Safe Zone

Ask any home contractor what survival tips can make the process easier and they will recommend that you create a ‘safe zone’. Keep the family out of the way and safe from debris by creating your own work-free zone that stays clean, quiet, and organized during the messy remodel. Got a second entry or exit to the safe zone? Even better, try to minimize time spent in the chaos and clutter of construction.

Camp Out

camping in back yardDoes your home smell of paint? Is it a construction zone? Move outside and camp in your own backyard overnight. Kids will love to experience camping- without leaving the comforts of home. Plug in a heavy-duty extension cord and light up your tent; tell stories, listen to audiobooks, and make s’mores; you will not only be out of the work-zone, but you will be making memories with your loved ones too.

Eat Out- A Lot

Remodeling projects, especially in the kitchen, are the perfect excuse to eat out more often than you typically might. Try new restaurants, ethnic fare, or old favorites while you wait for your own home to be fully functional once more.

Got home remodeling projects coming up? Consider these creative ways to help your family survive a remodel.  Experts In Your Home has local remodeling and new construction services in Chico & Paradise, CA. Contact our licensed Chico & Paradise Contractors today!