The 3 Most Popular Types of New Construction Homes

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new home constructionBuilding a new construction home can be a fun and exciting time. If you’ve decided that remodeling your existing home just won’t give you what you need, or you would like to live in a different part of town you have options.

Many people consider building a new home to be a burdensome and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right contractor you can figure out the best option for building your dream home, and possibly find out it’s already been built and is ready and waiting for you.

If you are considering building a new construction home in Chico or Paradise you have a few options.


According to, Here are the Three Types of New Homes:

Custom homes

“Custom homes are built for and with you. You can buy the land and hire an architect builder to help create your unique vision; or you can enter into a contract with a developer or builder to create a home on land he owns. Either way, you collaborate with to build a home that fits your tastes and lifestyle.

Builders often have basic plans you can tweak for an additional cost. That might mean adding a laundry room on the main floor or including an in-law suite in the basement. With custom homes you can make rooms bigger or smaller, upgrade cabinets and pick bathroom tile that warms your feet and heart. The builder will give you a budget for each finish, and apply a credit if you go under and charge you more if you exceed the limit.”


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Spec homes

“That’s short for “speculative,” because builders or developers construct a single-family home, townhouse or condo before having a specific buyer. Consequently, spec homes come with features and finishes the builder thinks will appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. You may be able to find a spec home under construction and pick some elements such as counters and cabinets. But typically spec homes are a completed package.”


Tract homes

“Tract homes (called that because they’re developed on a large tract or parcel of land) are usually built in planned communities outside the city core. You may buy an available lot and pick a floor plan if the development is in-progress, or an already built home in the tract. Each developer provides design choices that establish a cohesive look and feel.”

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Do any of these three new home options sound right to you? If you are building a house in Chico or Paradise you can contact us to get the process started! At Experts In Your Home, we’re happy to answer your questions about home building and anything else home related.

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