What are the Best Allergy-Friendly New Flooring Choices for Your Home?

[fa icon="calendar"] December 12, 2020 / by Home Services Expert

woman sneezingFor the many Americans who suffer from allergies, finding remedies and relief is an important priority. When installing new flooring, it’s common to think about style and texture and durability. However, many people may not be aware that the flooring in their homes can be something that impacts their allergies.

If you are installing new flooring due to allergy issues, take some time to learn about which types of flooring are best to reduce allergens in your home. To help get you started, we’ve listed some of the options below.


Hard Surfaces:

According to Angie’s List

"Hard surface flooring really is a great option for allergy sufferers! The various types are easy to keep dusted and won’t absorb airborne particles…you want to look for nail-in or staple-down products when possible and keep it organic.

Because hard surface flooring won’t trap dust mites and pollen, among other things, it is easier to keep clean and will lead to fewer allergens in your home.

What are common choices when looking at hard surface flooring?


Types of Hard Flooring:


Wood Flooring/Engineered Wood

From engineered products with the look of real wood to actual hardwoods, your options in choosing wood flooring are virtually endless. A popular home choice due to durability, look and feel, wood flooring also has the additional benefit of helping people who suffer from allergies.


Tile flooring is more popular in certain parts of the country than others (often in warmer states), and it also is more popular in certain rooms than others (think kitchen and bathrooms). When it comes to tile flooring, style options vary widely and you have a lot of choices. If you’re set on a wood look but like the features of tile, you can even find tile flooring that looks like wood!


Concrete floors are a style that is unique and not for everyone. However, they are a simple flooring idea that can look great with the right design theme. Concrete floors can be sealed so that you can see the original concrete look or painted.


Linoleum is often a lower priced alternative to some of the more expensive new flooring options, yet can still look great. Styles for this type of flooring vary widely and while it is generally not considered “high end” it can be a practical and durable flooring choice.


Flooring to Avoid



Carpet has its benefits…it is softer and can have a warm and cozy feeling. However if you are an allergy sufferer, it has drawbacks. According to AllergicLiving.com,

“Ask most allergists and they’ll tell you: for people with allergies and asthma, carpeting can be bad news. It harbors dust, pollen and other allergens; it provides a perfect environment for mold and dust mites to grow; it’s difficult to clean; and many synthetic carpets emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can trigger asthma and irritate the eyes, nose and throat.”

If you go the carpet route, it’s best to avoid long fiber carpet and opt for shorter carpet. And it’s very important to have a cleaning service keep your carpet cleaned regularly!

Flooring that Emits VOC’s

As mentioned above, certain flooring choices and installation procedures can emit VOCs. This can further irritate allergy sufferers. Make sure your flooring choice and installation procedure is as free of VOC’s as possible to potentially reduce your allergies. Angie’s List gives this additional recommendation when it comes to volatile organic compounds (VOCs):  "Check labels and ask about the installation adhesives for glue-down items. Some of these products are continuously off-gassing. Others will cure or be encapsulated."


Choosing New Flooring

In the end, your flooring choice will include many different things. Consider the allergy side as well if you are an allergy sufferer, and you will be on your way to enjoying your flooring even more. If you would like a new flooring installation quote for the Chico or Paradise areas, contact us today. Our flooring Experts will be happy to help you out!

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