Small Add-Ons for Your Home that Go a Long Way

[fa icon="calendar"] December 27, 2019 / by Home Services Expert

sunroom additionSmall add-ons for your home can make a big difference in your square footage and quality of life. If you live in a home that isn’t yet your “dream home”, don’t despair. There are many changes you can make that are affordable and can give you more space. Here are some ideas to consider:

Add a Sun Room

A sun room can be a spacious and fun addition to your home. Because they are not fully part of your house, they have a different set of pros and cons. They can be virtually all windows, which can be great if you want a space to get some sunlight. They also aren’t always insulated in the same way as the rest of your home, so the temperature may not be the same as inside. A sun room can be a terrific gathering place, reading spot, or simply a place to see more of the outdoors.


Enclose the Porch

Enclosing a porch can also add square footage to your home without a large scale remodel. Depending on how your porch is built, you may be able to  finish off this area to feel like part of the house. With the right insulation, you can heat and cool this area as well.


Finish the Garage

Having a garage is important to most people, so this suggestion may not be the most popular. There are some  situations where turning the garage into part of the home makes more sense, if you really need the space. Finishing a garage and making it a part of the main house can add quite a bit of square footage to your home.


Build on Top of a Garage

If your garage has an attic over it, you can finish off the attic space for more room in your home. If the space isn’t already there or isn't big enough, building a second floor over the garage can add space to your home without taking space out of your yard.


Add a Bump Out to a Bedroom or Kitchen

Is your kitchen a little too small? Or do you feel like you just need more space in any other room in the house? Adding a “bump out” can give you the extra space needed. This type of addition basically extends the floor, walls and ceiling in one of the rooms – making the room significantly bigger. A few extra feet can make a big difference in the functionality and feel of a room.


Add a Utility Room

utility roomA utility room is a very useful addition. Sometimes combined with a “mud room”, this can be a space where you have your washer and dryer, a utility sink, and a place for people to kick off their shoes when they come in the back door. These rooms don’t have to be very big to provide a highly useable space.



Add a Bedroom

Adding a bedroom onto your home may be just what you need. Turning a 2 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom, or a 3 bedroom into 4, can increase your home’s resale appeal and value and also give you the space you need. A bedroom addition would be added onto the outside of your home, and be made to look like the rest of the house. If you are in need of more bedrooms, it may be smart to consider adding on instead of moving – especially if you love your location and everything else about your home.


Add a Half Bath

Fewer things in a home are more frustrating than not being able to use the bathroom when you need to. Adding a half bath can be an easier way to accomplishing the goal of another toilet, without having to fully add on another room (depending on your house design).

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