How to Save Money when Building a New Home

[fa icon="calendar"] April 05, 2020 / by Home Services Expert

bags of money falling into handIt's no secret that home prices have risen significantly in the North State in recent years. Building a new construction home is no exception. However, if you have decided to build a new home there are certain considerations to keep in mind as you plan out the home building process that can save you money and avoid unnecessary costs.

In the new home building process, you want to plan extensively. At times there are changes that are still required along the way, but the more you can plan and think through the details ahead of time the more budget friendly the process will be.

How to Save Money when Building a New Home gives some tips on saving money when building your dream house, here are a few of them:


“Buying the right piece of land could save you a lot of money when you build your new house. Before buying your land, do some homework and make sure that the land can be built on without excessive expenses like clearing and blasting rock. Raw land or a mountain side retreat may seem wonderful, but clearing the land of trees, rocks, and leveling could add extra cost to your home build. Plus, raw land may not have access to drinking water and proper sewage lines, and adding those will not only be necessary but will put on extra expenses to your home build.”


House Size

“How big your house is makes a big difference! It comes down to square footage, because no matter how you slice it, every square footage you add to the footprint of your new home is going to cost you money. The house size impacts every aspect of the construction from the foundation to the roof and all the way to the final coat of paint.”


DIY Discount

“You have heard the tales and probably even seen the TV shows. Being your own general contractor could save you a substantial amount of money. But, this approach is only recommended for people who have extensive knowledge about the home building process and industry. If you are or have been successful at being your own general contractor you could save as much as 5% to 10% on building your new house.”


Handyman Barter Special

“Have you seen the TV shows where people do some handyman work as trade to get certain items? That could be a great way to save money! If you feel that you are pretty handy, try asking your builder if there are any simple, safe construction tasks that you could do to reduce your home build costs. Maybe the builder could give you a “handyman barter special” by letting you do the painting, landscaping, or the dreaded construction cleanup in exchange for a price reduction.”


Going Green

“Saving money on your new home build goes beyond the initial build. After all, once your dream house is built, you will still be paying for it. So building your house with energy efficiency in mind can go a long way to help you save money - for the life of your house! Energy efficiency can be a big money saver after the initial build…. No matter what kind of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system you have in your home, you can save money and increase your comfort by properly maintaining and purchasing the right energy efficient equipment.”

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These are a few potential options to consider for savings when you go to build a new construction home. If you would like to speak to a general contractor in Chico or Paradise, contact Experts In Your Home today! We would love to walk you through the new home construction process and help you understand what it takes to get your dream home built.

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