5 Tips for Building a New House

[fa icon="calendar"] August 21, 2020 / by Home Services Expert

couple looking at house plans on laptopA lot goes into building a new house. There are many pieces and parts that have to work just right, plans that have to happen at certain times, potential delays, lots of vendors, land that needs to be bought (if you don’t already have it), and the list goes on. Even with all of the above, don’t be dissuaded from building your dream home!

Building a home can be a great experience that gives you the things you really want, allowing you to customize the layout, finishes, colors and more. Depending on your situation and where you live, building a home may be the only way to truly get what you want when you walk in the door.

One thing we believe firmly at Experts In Your Home is doing your research. We always want you to be as educated as possible, so here are a few tips for building a new house.


Tips for Building a New House:


#1   Plan, Plan, Plan

When building a new house, planning is key. Not only is good planning necessary to make the process go smoothly, but it’s also necessary for permitting and construction timelines and essential to getting the finished product that you want. You’ll want to include details such as the lot the house will be built on, a realistic budget, and what size of house you want. The further you go into the planning process the more fun you will have deciding on things such as finishes, flooring and colors. You don’t have to do this process alone, if you’re unsure of how to plan the process and want help contact our Chico and Paradise new home contractors today.

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#2  Get the Budget Nailed Down Early

Early in the process, be realistic about how much you can spend on a new home. Leave some room for unexpected costs or upgrades you may want. It’s good at this point to discuss budget with your contractor and architect, since a house that’s too large or has too many upgrades may blow your budget out of the water. Likewise, there is no reason to miss out on features that will improve your quality of life if you can afford them! Communication is key when it comes to budget.


#3  Pick a Trustworthy Licensed Contractor

For obvious reasons, this point is very important. When working with a licensed contractor you want someone who you can trust with all of the details, who will be honest and straight with you, and who has an understanding of your dream and vision. Additionally, you want someone you feel comfortable communicating with. Do your research and find someone who comes highly recommended, but who also seems like someone you can work with.

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#4  Don’t Forget about Permits and Local Laws

The permit process for new construction on a home is important. Without regular inspections, you won’t be able to move forward. And if you don’t have the details approved at the right times in the construction process, you may end up making costly fixes down the road. Check out this blog for more on new construction permits.


#5  Communicate Often and Well

While we hope you have the utmost confidence in your contractor, it’s always a good practice to stay in constant communication. If you have questions or concerns during the building process, make sure you bring them to your contractor. If something isn’t done right, it’s ok to let them know. At Experts In Your Home, we value clear communication and it’s important to us that customers have clear expectations. Regardless of who builds your new house, make sure you have a clear and open line to talk about the details of your new build.


These are a few tips that we hope you find helpful in your journey of building a new house. To speak with Experts In Your Home about the new construction process contact us today online or call us at (530) 883-8470.


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Pre-Construction Checklist - Blog CTA