5 Popular Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Home

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kitchen with lightingNeed a little inspiration for a kitchen upgrade? Are you building a new house and starting from scratch? When it comes to the design of your kitchen, lighting plays an important role in both style and function that you don’t want to overlook.

Gone are the days of one big fluorescent light in the kitchen. Practicality at it’s best, but not exactly easy on the eyes or exciting to look at. Today there are many popular options with kitchen lighting that can give the right type of lighting (from bright to dim) depending on your needs, and be a focal point of the design of the room.

Here are 5 Popular Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Home:



Pendant Lighting

pendant lightsPendant lighting comes in all shapes and sizes today. Generally you install multiple pendant lights to complete a section of your kitchen (over the kitchen island for example). You can find pendant lighting in any style you can imagine, from modern to rustic and traditional. You can look at sites like Houzz or Build.com for pendant lighting, or contact one of our remodeling experts to get ideas for your kitchen.


Flush Mount

flush ceiling lightSimple and traditional, there’s nothing wrong with a flush mount kitchen light. These can be in addition to other lighting around the kitchen but can also provide a good source of bright light when you really need it. Some of the more basic models may not be the most “stylish”, but adding flush mount kitchen lighting to other lighting such as island pendants can give you the functionality that you need.



chandelierChandeliers aren’t just for hotel lobbies and formal dining rooms. In fact, chandeliers come in all different types and sizes today, and they don’t have to be extremely large and made of crystal. There are chandeliers that fit well within a kitchen context so you’ll want to do your research. Modern designs make chandeliers a fun and eye catching option for your kitchen. Check out some chandelier designs here.


Track Lighting

track lighting

Ever practical, track lighting gives you flexibility in the kitchen. Since the lights can be aimed wherever you want them to point, it gives you the option of lighting up the most used areas of the kitchen or using lighting effects to enhance the look of your kitchen. Track lighting is also good at brightening things up all around.



Recessed Lighting

recessed lighting in kitchen

One of the most common light styles in the kitchen, recessed lighting (or “can” lighting) fits up into the ceiling and provides a beam of light that looks stylish and illuminates the areas that you need it to. Commonly there will be multiple recessed lights in one kitchen to give a modern look and light where you need it.



These are 5 popular kitchen lighting ideas. If you’re wanting to upgrade an existing kitchen or are building a new house from scratch, contact our Chico and Paradise construction experts today!

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