Does Home Remodeling Seem Scary? How a Project Manager Can Help

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home_remodeling_material_samplesIn his 1933 inaugural address, Franklin D. Roosevelt famously asserted his “firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

At the time, the country was in the throes of the Great Depression, but it is widely believed that Roosevelt tapped into his own life experiences to rally people to support his wide-ranging New Deal programs. Among those experiences: his forays into home remodeling, including his beloved Hyde Park home in New York.

In terms of remodeling, Roosevelt may have gotten it half-right; research since then has shown that people have legitimate reasons to fear home remodeling. Experts In Your Home not only knows what those reasons are, but has moved to erase them by assigning a project manager to every home remodeling project. Part project leader, part ambassador, the project manager ensures that a project proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It's not exactly a new deal at Experts In Your Home, but we know the assignment results in a Fear-not Deal for our customers.

Do These Home Remodeling Fears Sound Familiar?

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry tapped into homeowners' fears of remodeling when it asked 441 people to complete the statement: “My biggest fear when it comes to hiring a professional contractor is ….” The top answers, representing percentages of the whole, were:

  • “My project will go over budget” – 54 percent
  • “It will be poor quality or done incorrectly” – 31 percent
  • “Being the target of a fly-by-night company” – 6 percent
  • “The project will take longer” than promised – 2 percent

Project Managers Deliver Experts In Your Home's Fear-Not Deal

Experts In Your Home project managers do more than mitigate such fears; they eliminate them. When you sign a contract with Experts, you are assigned a project manager who basically functions as a general contractor. A project manager plans, directs, coordinates, budgets and supervises the entire remodeling process. He is your No. 1 contact with Experts In Your Home from the day your remodeling project begins until the last pile of dust is swept off the floor. You might even come to regard him as your trusted partner because he will ensure that your project:

  • Conforms to the established budget
  • Is carried out to the high standards that has made Experts In Your Home Northern California's premier construction company (so much for the “fly-by-night” fear)
  • Is completed on time

Experts In Your Home's Remodeling Project Managers Will Imbue You with Peace of Mind By:

  • Making sure you clearly understand the scope of your remodeling project
  • Communicating with you regularly
  • Providing you with clear and accurate cost estimates, budgets and work timetables
  • Complying with legal requirements, building and safety codes and other regulations

The Key Reason Why We Are “Experts In Your Home”

While our project managers excel at prompt and honest communication, another key reason you can put your fears aside when you hire Experts In Your Home is that all of the people who will work on your remodeling project report directly to us. Our business model is unlike other companies that serve as general contractors – and only general contractors -- and farm out the hands-on work to subcontractors.

At Experts In Your Home we are the general contractor and every carpenter, electrician, plumber, heating and air conditioning technician, painter and cleaner works for us. And the project manager supervises them all – ensuring that they live up to our gold standard of being known as the undisputed “experts in your home.”

Unlike FDR, we won't make any speeches about our work. (Or, if we do, we promise they'll be short.) We know that our customers want proof, which is why we're happy to open our “history books” to show you examples of the many home remodeling projects in our portfolio – and how we erased the fear element from each and every one.

For help with your home remodeling, contact Experts In Your Home today for a free quote.

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