Common Reasons Why Your Toilet Tank is Leaking

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person fixing toilet tank shutterstock_1151062385The toilet is the main throne in the home, whether we like it or not. This seat gets used on a daily basis and will get some wear and tear over time, which can turn into leaks. The tank on the toilet may be the reason for these leaks because all of the valves and pipes are located in this area. Here are some common reasons why the toilet tank might be leaking and a few tips on how to fix them.

Tank and Bowl Connection

The toilet shape consists of two main parts, the tank and the bowl. Where the tank and the bowl connect can sometimes get loose from use and can leak through the bolts. This type of leak is easy to fix on your own.

  1.  Turn off the water to the toilet by turning the valve at the main water supply line.

  2.  Drain the rest of the water in the toilet by continuously flushing and lifting the flapper in the tank.

  3.  Using a screwdriver, tighten the bolts at the bottom of the tank. If you need help keeping the nut from spinning, use an adjustable wrench to steady it.

  4.  After tightening the bolts, turn on the water and refill the toilet. Try flushing a few times to see if the leak continues. If the leak continues, go through these steps a second time to really make sure that the bolts are tight enough.

Toilet Fill Valve

Another bolt that can loosen over time is the toilet fill valve. This valve is what controls the fresh water that goes into the tank. If this valve becomes loose than it can leak water onto the floor and mess with the amount of water going into the tank.

  1.  To tighten this bolt you will need to empty the water in the tank.

  2.  Hold the fill valve pipe steady and tighten the plastic bolt that connects to the water supply line. Do not over-tighten this bolt because it’s plastic and can crack.

  3.  Turn the water back on again and fill the toilet. Flush a few times to check for leaks. If it’s still leaking from that area you may need to call an Expert to fix that piece.


Another issue that may seem like a leak is condensation on the tank of the toilet. This issue is an easy fix. The condensation usually occurs when the cold water makes the outside of the tank cold and it reacts with the warm, damp air. This is common during warm humid days. Here are some tricks on how to deal with the issue or fix it.

  1.  Put a tray at the bottom of the base to catch the water.

  2.  Take fewer hot showers and leave the bathroom fan on to suck out the moisture.

  3.  Leave the bathroom window shut on hot humid days. Try to turn on the air conditioner if the condensation gets really bad.

Base of the Toilet

Though this last leak is not directly located in the tank, it’s a common issue that should be addressed early on. A leak at the base of the toilet connecting to the floor can be a serious issue because if left alone the leak can start rotting your floors. The cause of the leak can be from many different things such as: everyday use, unstable rocking toilet, and the age of the toilet. The seal can either come loose or be ruined and needs replacement.

If your toilet is leaking, it’s best to address the issue in the earlier stages. A leak can become expensive by the amount of water being wasted and the damages that can be caused from the constant wet floors. Sometimes, a leak is just a common toilet problem, but sometimes a plumber may be needed.

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